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How about a flexible solar system? With our partner Green Energy, we are able to offer you an innovative concept - green, sustainable and CO₂-friendly. Your vehicle batteries are always charged and you are completely independent of the power grid.


The advantages of CIGS solar cells are obvious:

  • Saving costs: Once the solar system is installed on the roof, it provides free electricity for decades
  • Protect the environment: Sustainable and CO₂-free method of generating electricity
  • Be self-sufficient and flexible: Full battery - even after a long downtime

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Examples of Green Energy applications

Numerous garages throughout Europe have decided to offer their customers modern and sustainable energy solutions from Green Energy. We introduce you to the installation partners and all the benefits in our best practice examples:

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System configurator

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Are you interested in solar cells, but don't yet know which ones are right for you? With our system configurator, you can easily calculate the right solar cell solution for your vehicle based on your consumption.

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The plug & play solar cell system

The solution is called MIPV (Mobile Integrated Photovoltaic). This new cell technology generates electricity even at the lowest light intensity - even before the eye catches daylight. The panels are insensitive and suitable for all common washing processes. The result: you have sufficient energy reserves for all relevant consumers at all times.

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Green Energy & EUROPART

Take a look at our videos about our customer projects:

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