Photovoltaic solutions for the bus industry


Solar cells are an environmentally friendly and increasingly profitable method of power generation, which can be installed on buses without major adaptations with our solar cell solutions from Green Energy. The solar cells on buses generate green electricity while the vehicle is in motion and when it is stationary - an important and economical step towards more climate-friendly mobility.

Solar cells for Hausemann & Mager and the Iserlohn Kangaroos

For over 90 years, the traditional family business Hausemann & Mager GmbH & CO. KG from Hagen has been organizing bus trips and vacations. Now we have equipped the first coach in the fleet with our solar cell solution from Green Energy. A real highlight - not only for cost and sustainability reasons for the Winzerling family, but also for the many passengers.

On a special trip with the Pro B Bundesliga basketball team Iserlohn Kangaroos to Koblenz, we were able to see for ourselves how important continuous power supply is on the bus. Especially - as in this case - on the way to a deciding game in the playoffs. "Nothing works here on the bus without power sockets," explains Mr. Winzerling. Various mobile devices are in use for personal preparation, concentration or even distraction before the games. Thanks to the solar cells on the roof, this is not a problem: The bus batteries are charged, even during longer standstills, which additionally protects the alternator and thus saves fuel. "A real win-win situation," says Mr. Winzerling. "Both for the passengers and for us as entrepreneurs."

Power on the bus - solar energy on the roof!

The advantages of solar cells on buses

  • Full battery - even after a long standstill
  • hr saves money: once the solar system is installed on the bus roof, it supplies free electricity
  • Enables buses to be largely self-sufficient in air conditioning
  • Electricity generation is sustainable: solar energy is green, does not release CO2 during generation and ensures fewer emissions during the journey
  • Extends battery and alternator life

This is how much electricity solar cells on the bus can generate

According to the manufacturer Green Energy, the solar cells produce up to 1,000 kWh. This corresponds to a saving of around 1,000 liters of fuel per year!


A coach traveling for ten hours can generate about that much solar energy with solar cells on the roof in Central European sunshine:

  • In sunshine: 9.60 kWh
  • On a cloudy day: 4.80 kWh
  • When it rains: 2.40 kWh

Solar energy and the air conditioning in the bus

Buses with many passengers heat up very quickly inside, so a large part of the energy (30-50% of the total energy demand) is needed to run the air conditioner. This energy is otherwise generated by the alternator, which is powered by the engine. This consumes a lot of fuel, which can be saved with the help of solar cells. This also extends the range of the bus. At the same time, the solar cells reduce wear and tear on the alternator.

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