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The rema.germany brand under the umbrella of APS Germany GmbH is dedicated to being part of a better future. How does the company, founded in 2005, achieve this? With the remanufacturing and further development of original parts and the sale of technical products for commercial vehicles. The rema.germany replacement range includes steering and braking systems, compressed air systems, transmission technology, axle drives, fuel and exhaust technology, and spare parts for vehicle electronics and hydraulics.

The remanufacturing that rema.germany carries out is much more than a simple repair: It is a high-level engineering process that gives the remanufactured parts the same quality and service life as a new original part. But at lower prices and as part of a closed-loop economy. Thus, just like EUROPART, rema.germany lives sustainability in all its facets.

The fact that this works well is shown not only by our close and cooperative partnership with rema.germany, which we have maintained for years, but also by our business activities in more than 50 countries worldwide and annual sales of more than 15 million euros.

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"With EUROPART, we have found a partner for the distribution of our reman parts that emphasises and lives the opportunities - and necessities - of this process for all parties involved! Above all, this benefits the customers, who have very good access to these parts thanks to EUROPART's work."


Karsten Lange, Member of Strategy Board, rema.germany

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