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From axle nut wrenches to pliers sets, you will find a wide selection of different tools from our own brand. However, all these tools have one thing in common: We do not compromise on function, durability, safety or reliability - and still achieve a great price-performance ratio. How do we do that? By choosing materials and designs that are absolutely high-quality, but still easy on the wallet. The fact that this plan works is proven by a complaint rate of less than 0.01 percent and our three-year warranty on our premium tools. EUROPART Premium Parts: Strong products, oriented to the manufacturer's standard.

Compressed air and torque technology

Whether torque wrench or pneumatic impact wrench: Here you will find EUROPART premium tools that reliably tighten or loosen connections - by hand or with pneumatic support.

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Machine accessories

Why spend a lot of money on machine accessories when you can have premium quality at a lower price? Here you will find, for example, cutting discs and drill sets in numerous designs.

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Hand tools

Because muscle power alone is not everything: Hand tools from the EUROPART Premium Parts range include measuring equipment, lubrication technology, pliers and special tools - here, too, of course, with a guarantee!

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The thoroughbred wrench for thoroughbred mechanics

... our premium torque wrench

No workshop should be without a reliable torque wrench, and that's what we thought when we developed our own EUROPART Premium Parts torque wrench in cooperation with HAZET in 2019.

The goal was to develop a tool that is just as high-quality, reliable and durable as the products of major manufacturers, but without being too hard on the wallet. Thus, it was clear that we did not want to compromise in terms of technology and material: We opted for the same technology as HAZET, but were able to save the crucial euros on the design. The result is a torque wrench that actively supports you thoroughbred mechanics at all times - but at a low price. Of course, we also grant you a three-year warranty on the thoroughbred torque wrench.

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