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Solar cell solutions for all segments of the transportation industry

Application examples from Green Energy installation partners

Numerous workshops throughout Europe have decided to offer their customers modern and sustainable energy solutions from Green Energy. We introduce you to the installation partners and all the benefits in our best practice examples:

Autotrans Schmidt GmbH

"When we learned about EUROPART's products, we didn't have to think twice."

About the product: in this case study, a 240 Wp set plus an 80 Wp solar panel (customized solution) was installed on a truck. In one month, the truck consumed 99 liters less while idling with comparable mileage.


"Our trucks have a high energy demand because the driver's cabs are equipped like small apartments. Thanks to the solar system installed by our own master workshop, the alternator no longer has to generate electricity for the truck's equipment. This not only results in fuel savings, it also emits less CO₂. A significant contribution to greater sustainability and environmental protection."

- Christian Selmaier, Workshop Manager

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Truck Force One

"Green energy is the future!"

About the product: In this application example, the 165 Wp set was installed. After installation, data was recorded for three weeks, showing that 42 liters of diesel were still saved in the week with the lowest savings in stationary mode, allowing savings of around 500 to 700 liters of diesel/year (1.34 to 1.87 t CO₂) to be predicted.


"In international transport, the energy demand of each truck is very high: auxiliary heating in winter, auxiliary air conditioning in summer, plus constant additional consumers and GPS trackers put an extreme strain on the starting batteries of the trucks. One thing is clear: the future belongs to green energy! There are enormous opportunities in this technology."

- Attila Zöldi-Tóth, Managing Director TFO

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Remmen Forwarding Company

"Reducing standby times helps save our engines and lower overall operating costs."

About the product: here, a 640 Wp MIPV system was installed on a truck. It has been shown that in standby mode only, the MIPV system generates fuel savings of approximately 650 liters of diesel (1.7t CO₂) in a year.


"By using this renewable energy source, we can significantly reduce our CO₂ footprint and also reduce our diesel consumption by about 650 liters per year. In addition, using the solar system also gives us the peace of mind that our vehicles are always ready to start."

- Sascha Gipmans, Workshop Manager

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OVG Oberhavel Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH

"Two standard service buses and one articulated bus have delivered consistently positive results in the test phase so far."

About the product: one bus ran for seven months with a 640 Wp set from Green Energy and was compared with two identical buses without a solar system - used in the same area. The diesel fuel savings over the period was 990.84 liters.


"The compact and lightweight design is ideal for mounting on our vehicle roofs. The fact that the system is both walkable and flexible means it can be installed relatively quickly. The system was able to keep the battery charge at the upper limit, even after extended periods of standing and with various loads. We've installed up to three generators in the bus, which relieve the load enormously and have a longer runtime."

- Heiko Moormann, Operations Manager OVG & Andre Schreiber, Operations Manager Workshop BVO

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Business model: Certified installation partner

Into the future with EUROPART and Green Energy:

Our MIPV solar modules give you the opportunity to further utilize your workshop.

  • As a certified installation partner, your workshop team will install solar systems on your customers' vehicles in the future.
  • As a certified installation partner, you will be visible on the EUROPART homepage.
  • Our field service actively refers EUROPART customers for installation.
  • We train your staff in technology and sales.
Overview: Green Energy installation points

Mercedes-Benz Garcarek

Certified installation partner

The Polish authorized dealer Mercedes-Benz Garcarek distributes Green Energy solar systems as a certified installation partner. The family-owned company has set itself the goal of providing its customers with services and customer support of the highest standard, focusing on new and sustainable technologies - such as Green Energy's solar cell solutions.


Sustainable energy is becoming more and more in demand and offers numerous advantages - especially modern technologies for power generation. Probably the most important reasons are the increasing power consumption of modern vehicles and rising electricity and fuel prices.


Mercedes-Benz Garcarek has responded to this demand by ordering 100 solar cell sets from Green Energy. As an installation partner, the dealer now supports customers in selecting the right solar cell set for their individual needs and handles the entire installation. Customers receive a customized and cost-effective energy solution that meets their requirements and particularly appreciate the all-round service offered by Mercedes-Benz Garcarek.

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