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The SAF-HOLLAND Group is one of the leading manufacturers of chassis-related assemblies and components, primarily for trailers and semi-trailers, but also for trucks and buses. In 2022, SAF added the Swedish brake specialist Haldex to its portfolio. This means in figures:

  • 3,500 + 2,000 employees
  • Global presence in 80 countries
  • 25 production sites on 6 continents
  • >100 years of experience

Strong axles

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In addition to trailer axle systems designed to save weight, the company based in Bessenbach (Bavaria) is now making an important contribution to more sustainability in the commercial vehicle industry with the electrified SAF TRAKe and SAF TRAKr axles. With the SAF E-axle family for large trailers, commercial vehicles become greener, quieter and more efficient. But what is actually behind these axles?

Both axles use electric recuperation. In this process, the kinetic energy of the vehicle during braking or in the overrun phase is converted into electrical energy by means of generators, which is then stored in Li-ion batteries or directly supplies the auxiliary consumers. The TRAKe goes one step further. With its higher output, the more powerful generator supports the drive work of the main engine during starting and acceleration. This guarantees perfect conditions in demanding road conditions and on inclines, because the TRAKe provides more traction and stability for the semitrailer here.

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