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One that matches your expectations in function and performance. As a commercial vehicle parts dealer, it is our job to supply you with exactly the parts you need to achieve the best service and repair results.


To do this, we rely on a network of selected suppliers from OE to reproduction or the like. You can rely on every part and material because our suppliers from all over Europe are certified and quality tested throughout. Based on partnership and long-term supplier relationships, we ensure that you get on time all the spare parts and consumables you need to work well, safely and quickly day after day.


Our preferred suppliers give you an excerpt from our supplier portfolio:

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... high-quality training

OE manufacturers in particular know their spare parts and how to install them most efficiently and safely. You know that: If you know how to do it, many things become easier.

In cooperation with various suppliers, we offer training courses and workshops. These are tailored to practical needs and impart the knowledge and skills that you really need in everyday maintenance and repair.

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