Photovoltaic solutions for trucks and the transport industry

MIPV (Mobile Integrated Photovoltaic) is the name given to such systems. The new cell technology CIGS used by Green Energy generates electricity even at the lowest light intensities, even before the human eye can register daylight. The modules are also insensitive and suitable for all common washing processes. The result: you always have enough energy reserves for all the consumers you need - and you're also more environmentally friendly and economical on the road.

Why solar cells on trucks are a good idea

Probably the most important reasons are the increasing power consumption of modern vehicles and the rising electricity and fuel prices. For example, your trucks and commercial vehicles consume a lot of electricity, especially when stationary, for coffee machines, televisions, computers, refrigerators, tools, tail lifts and the like.


In the course of the Euro 6 introduction, modern battery management systems also cause problems under certain conditions. For example, generators are now only added when absolutely necessary. This leads to strongly fluctuating charging voltages, which in turn is detrimental to battery capacity. Our CIGS solar cells solve this problem. So you remain mobile at all times. By the way: In conjunction with an inverter, the system makes it possible to operate 220 V appliances. This benefits tradesmen and professional drivers, for example.


Simply mount our CIGS solar cells on the roof of the vehicle - or wherever there is room for them - and generate your own green electricity. Quite simply, on the side while driving or when you are standing in a parking lot. This way you save fuel, the generator, your wallet and the environment, and you always have charged batteries.