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Max Hunt and the smallest workshop at "The Real Way to Dakar" rally

Together with Max Hunt, we have built a mobile workshop that will delight any screwdriver - and all in a compact 20-foot container! It was a real challenge, but we did it. Despite limited space, we equipped the workshop with everything Max needs for vehicle repair and maintenance. We didn't just think about the tools and workshop equipment, but also the working environment: with high-quality lighting from Strands and an environmentally friendly power supply from Green Energy solar panels, the workshop is optimally equipped. No challenge is too big for Max and his mobile workshop!


Max Hunt didn't just want to build a workshop in a container, he also wanted to use it to travel to the coolest places in the world. His goal: the rally "The Real Way to Dakar" one of the most important long-distance and desert rallies in the world, which has inspired him since he was a child. Now his childhood dream has come true, with the finished workshop on his 8x8 semitrailer Max has set off.


"The Real Way to Dakar"


The rally "The Real Way to Dakar" is an endurance race, which was created by the founder of the Intercontinental Rally, Jiri Vasatko. The route covers thousands of kilometers through extreme weather conditions, rough terrain and dangerous landscapes, similar to the Dakar Rally from 1979 to 1989. For motorsport enthusiasts, the rally is the ultimate adventure.

Participants compete in various categories, including cars, motorcycles, quads and trucks. Each category has its own challenges and requirements, but all participants must rely on fast and reliable vehicles, quality equipment and strategic planning to succeed. Technical problems and breakdowns are part of racing on a demanding course and that's where Max and his mobile workshop come in.


What happens when a vehicle breaks down during the rally?


  • On-site repair: If a vehicle has only minor problems, the participant can try to fix the problem themselves or repair it with the help of their team. Participants usually carry spare parts and tools to make minor repairs.
  • Technical assistance: if a vehicle has major problems, it may be necessary to seek technical assistance from support vehicles, such as Max Hunt's workshop, or from mechanics provided by the organizer.
  • Help from other participants: In some cases, other participants will also help a participant whose vehicle has broken down.
  • Withdrawal from the race: If the vehicle cannot be repaired or if the participant cannot continue for other reasons, he may be forced to withdraw from the race.


6000 kilometers of action and adrenaline


Are you ready for an adventurous journey through one of the most demanding motorsport events in the world? Then fasten your seatbelts, because we accompanied Max and tell you about his experiences and challenges in the video.



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