Visit on the XXLKW parking ground in Vockerode

The lorry parking ground in an XXL format


Imagine you are a truck driver on a long trip and need to take a break with your truck - but where exactly can you find a suitable truck parking lot? Most rest and parking areas are either overcrowded or far too small for a large truck, and there is hardly any room to maneuver and maneuver. The parking situation for truck drivers is a well-known problem in Germany and often poses a challenge. Many truckers have difficulty finding suitable parking spaces to safely park and rest their vehicles, as more than 20,000 truck parking spaces are lacking in Germany (source: ADAC Study 2022).


When truck drivers are forced to park their vehicles in inadequate parking spaces, the risk of theft and accidents increases. In addition, tired and exhausted drivers can pose an increased risk of accidents on the road due to a lack of rest facilities. XXLKW offers safe parking spaces for truck drivers. The truck parking lot for all trucks above a weight class of 15 tons (HDT) is located only 800 meters from the Vockerode highway exit in Saxony-Anhalt (A9 Munich - Berlin). Despite its quiet location, it is in close proximity to the highway, which makes it a convenient choice for all truck drivers.


What all does the truck parking facility offer?


  • Modern and clean social rooms with TV, facilities are cleaned several times per day
  • Parking sites and sanitary rooms – for women too
  • A comfortable micro hotel (ROATEL) directly adjacent to the parking area
  • Charging stations for temperature-controlled vehicles and lorries
  • 24/7 shop with a small snack bar
  • Washing machines and dryers
  • Comfortable and modern lounges with TV and plenty of power sockets
  • Cooking and dishwashing facilities are available to prepare your meals
  • Various payment options such as Snap, Telecash, DKV and UTA
  • Fast and free Wi-Fi throughout the premises
  • 24/7 CCTV and security on site
  • The “Elbebrücke” hotel & restaurant will be open from spring 2024
  • Outdoor gym

Fitness equipment for truckers

... powered by EUROPART

With the outdoor gym sponsored by us, drivers can also do something for their health during rest periods. Together with the Truckers Life Foundation we have developed the concept of the outdoor gym for greater health and road safety. Professional drivers should have the opportunity to spend their breaks in compliance with guidelines, in good-quality, comfortable conditions, and to prepare themselves for the safe continuation of their journey.

The EUROPART Roadshow

Visit to the XXLKW parking ground

We are delighted to be celebrating our 75th anniversary this year and to mark the occasion, we have organised an exciting roadshow for our customers and employees across Europe. A highlight of this roadshow was the joint celebration at the XXLKW parking ground in Vockerode Our event was filled with cheerfulness and interesting discussions.