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Focus on safety: tire inflation cages for commercial vehicle workshops

Commercial vehicle tires not only have to withstand high loads, but also ensure reliable grip in a wide variety of weather and road conditions. A well-equipped workshop in the wheel and tire sector is therefore essential to be able to carry out tire fitting, maintenance and repair efficiently and safely. We have compiled essential products for you in our themed brochure that optimize work processes and increase customer satisfaction.


Tire inflation cage ensures maximum safety


A tire inflation cage is an indispensable tool for the safe and efficient inflation of tires. The use of tire inflation cages for commercial vehicle tires offers numerous advantages in terms of safety and efficiency. Tire inflation cages are specially developed tools that enable the safe and precise inflation of commercial vehicle tires. Thanks to their robust design and easy handling, they contribute significantly to the safety of workshop personnel.


Filling commercial vehicle tires with air or nitrogen creates a high internal pressure, which can be dangerous if the tire is not properly secured during the inflation process. Tire inflation cages secure the tire in the event of an uncontrolled burst, thus minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries.


"When inflating a tire for the first time, there is a high risk of accidents for workshop personnel. Reasons for this include the fitting of pre-damaged tires, damage to the tire bead during fitting, inadequate checking of the fit of the locking and side rings on multi-piece rims, damaged rims (e.g. due to rust, wear, cracks, deformation, etc.) or exceeding the maximum inflation pressure."

- Christian Thanner TSS South-East, EUROPART


The deformation forces acting on a tire inflation cage when a tire bursts are illustrated by the picture:


The EUROPART tire cage, made of high-quality Simplex wire mesh, offers a robust construction and a maximum tire height of 1150 mm and width of 550 mm. In combination with the tire inflation computer, it enables time-saving and precise tire inflation.


All the advantages of the tire cage:


  • Time-saving, precise inflation according to manufacturer specifications: Tire inflation cages with tire inflation computers allow tires to be inflated precisely according to the manufacturer's specifications
  • Safety aspect: Tire inflation cages are designed to retain the tire even in the event of a sudden deflation or explosion, which increases the safety of personnel.
  • Extending tire life: Tire inflation computers help extend the life of tires by inflating them precisely according to the manufacturer's specifications.
  • Optimizing fuel consumption: Correct tire inflation using tire inflation computers helps to optimize fuel consumption and thus reduce vehicle operating costs.
  • Efficient working: By using a tire inflation cage with a tire inflation computer, the fitter can already mount the next tire or carry out other activities during the inflation process.


A perfect team: the EUROPART tire inflation computer and tire inflation cage


The fully automatic tire inflation computer from EUROPART is quick and easy to use. It can be easily mounted on the tire inflation cage and offers three programs for different overpressure settings.


It is particularly relevant that it is approved for inflation with nitrogen. By using nitrogen instead of air to inflate commercial vehicle tires, the tire pressure can be kept stable for longer, which reduces fuel consumption and extends the service life of the tires. This efficient and environmentally friendly method of tire inflation helps to lower operating costs and reduce environmental impact.


Wheel and tyre: Efficient solutions for greater safety and comfort

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Wheel and tyre: Efficient solutions for greater safety and comfort