Green Energy: Hager and Kampmann & Co focus on solar energy

The world of transportation is changing and more and more companies are turning to sustainability and eco-friendly solutions to reduce their CO₂ footprint. In this blog post, we take a look at two companies that, thanks to solar cellson the roofs of their fleets: Hager Internationale Transporte and Kampmann & Co.


Hager Internationale Transporte: On the way to more CO2 neutrality


Hager Internationale Transporte, based in Wörgl in the beautiful Tyrol region of Austria, has made a name for itself for careful transport. The company has a clear vision: to implement the latest fuel and CO₂ reduction methods in its fleet. A logical step towards green transportation in this regard is the installation of solar cells on the roofs of their fleet.


Hager's story began in 1986, when Franz Hager took over the Mühlegger company. In the following years, the company specialized in transports between Germany and Italy and built up their expertise in truck transport. In 1998, the company received its current name. In 2014, Hager expanded into several European countries and moved to its current headquarters. Brothers David and Sebastian Hager took over management in November of that year. Today, the company has 86 trucks and an automated truck wash that can be used by trucks, trailers, semitrailers and buses. What sets Hager apart is their commitment to sustainability. Not only have they installed solar panels on the roof of their fleet, but they also operate 12 LNG vehicles (trucks that run on natural gas) and have equipped their building with a 120-kWp solar power system. These efforts to reduce CO₂ emissions are impressive and reflect Hager's commitment to creating a sustainable solution for the transportation sector.


Sebastian Hager, Managing Director of Hager Internationale Transporte, says the following about Green Energy's solar cell solution, "Our company decided to have a very sustainable profile. We were very interested in your solution when we heard about it from EUROPART. By installing solar cells on our truck, we can test how big the fuel savings can be. We also expect the battery to last longer." (Source:

Kampmann & Co: Beverage transport with Green Energy


Kampmann & Co, a beverage wholesaler in Germany, is now also turning to green energy by installing solar cells on the roofs of its tractor units.


The company was founded in 1900 and has a long history of supplying beverages to customers in the Ruhr region. The history of Kampmann & Co began with Heinz Kampmann, who worked as a restaurateur and supplied beverages to the whole of North Rhine-Westphalia in 1924. Today, the company is managed by the fourth generation, Robin Bartling, and is based on the 17,600 m² Laubenhof in Essen.


On the road to CO₂-neutrality, Kampmann & Co, in cooperation with us and Green Energy as a partner, has installed the first 240-Wp solar cell kit on one of its Mercedes-Benz Antos 2532. This measure not only has an impact on fuel consumption, but also extends the life of the batteries and improves the working conditions of the drivers. Kai Rosezin, fleet manager at Kampmann & Co, explains, "One of our biggest items is fuel. Here we can save a lot by installing solar cells. The data shows that we save over 500 liters per truck per year. It also extends the life of the batteries. Our drivers have better working conditions because they can power the coffee maker and microwave during their breaks without idling." (Source:

Advantages of Green Energy solar cells


The examples of Hager Internationale Transporte and Kampmann & Co show that the transport sector can make its contribution to CO₂ reduction and that solar cell solutions also offer economic benefits in the process. More information on both companies can be found on their respective websites: Hager Internationale Transporte and Kampmann & Co.


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