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Spare parts for truck lighting and electrics

EUROPART supplies a wide range of commercial vehicle spare parts for the complex area of lighting and vehicle electrics - and in OEM quality.

Bulbs, LED lights and halogen lamps

The EUROPART range contains a particularly wide selection of lighting. This starts with a large variety of small lamps. With an extensive 24-volt range of halogen headlamp bulbs from H1 to H7 for halogen headlamps and lights, you will also find a complete selection of various bulbs from glass-base bulbs to festoon bulbs for dash lights and interior lights.

Main headlamps for all common commercial vehicle models

The lighting range includes main headlamps and auxiliary headlamps in halogen and xenon technology. A variety of lights and LED lights for the front, rear and side marking area are also available. With its many different varieties of main headlamps for all common truck models from DAF, Iveco, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Renault Trucks, Scania and Volvo, EUROPART covers a large part of the market. High-beam headlamps, fog lamps and auxiliary headlamps complete the range, which also includes different varieties of rear and indicator lights. EUROPART offers different side marker lamps in LED technology, as well as position lamps, marker lights, side lights and daytime running lights.

Intelligent LED technology

Working lights are available in halogen and LED technology, whether as headlights for extremely wide and even ground illumination or for the best close-range illumination. As LED technology is also now used for identification lamps, different LED identification lamps are showcased, the top-of-the-range model operating with 20 high power LEDs. Sometimes these lights even have programmable electronics for different flashing sequences, which are able to automatically adapt the light level to the ambient light. Furthermore, standard rotating beacons are also available in halogen technology, available with a housing base for fixed installation or with magnetic or tube support mounting as an option.

Plugs, switches and sensors

Batteries, starter motors and generators that are in good condition are as essential for trouble-free progress as properly functioning electric connections and supply cables. In this assembly group, EUROPART also offers other high-quality connectors and individual components such as spiral coil cables, plugs, sockets, electronic modules, switches, steering column switches, sensors and relays.

Batteries with high starting power

EUROPART supplies different varieties of starter batteries with capacities from 120 to 225 Ah. As well as batteries from well-known manufacturers such as Varta or Exide, you can also find quality batteries from the EUROPART own-brand in the range. EUROPART standard starter batteries stand out not only due to a particularly good price/performance ratio, but also thanks to good starting power, low water consumption, universal application, high durability and reliability. Starter batteries from the EUROPART Plus category are completely maintenance-free, have a central degassing vent and safety cover providing flashback protection and are designed using Calcium/Calcium technology for vehicles with high energy consumption.

EUROPART also stocks a selection of starter motors with various powers and various numbers of teeth on the pinion. Generators (for example with voltages of 28 V, charging current of 110 A) and voltage regulators finally round off the EUROPART range for everything relating to starter motors and power supplies.

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