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Spare parts for truck chassis

EUROPART offers a wide selection of spare parts for the truck chassis. The range starts with wheel studs and nuts, continues with axle spare parts such as wheel bearing sets and compact bearings, as well as other axle-specific parts such as steering wishbones/trapezoids and different repair kits for king pins and drive shaft bearings, but it doesn't stop there. EUROPART also supplies a variety of steering and damping components, such as steering links and shock absorbers, keeping all kinds of suspension components in stock: air springs, spring clamps, spring hangers and steel springs of all types.

Suspension and dampers

The main job of suspension and damping is to ensure safe and stable driveability as well as driving comfort. Firstly, wheel suspension works as the intermediary between the vehicle's dynamic mass and the wheels that make contact with the road. Secondly, the wheel suspension must at the same time convert shocks that are introduced to the vehicle by the road, so that the chassis, vehicle structure and cab are only exposed to gentle vibrations.

Air or leaf spring suspension

The wheel suspension itself mainly consists of suspension elements (usually leaf spring or air suspension), damping (shock absorbers), trailing arms and wheel carriers which take over the suspension and damping. In leaf spring suspension, the suspension package is responsible for taking over the wheel control forces both longitudinally and transversely. In air suspension, additional items such as trailing arms and stabilisers are needed for safe wheel control. Trailing arms are used for axle control, stabilisers limit the tendency to roll.

Steering axles and drive axles

Axles play a key role in wheel suspension, as they act as supports for the wheels. As well as the suspension, the damping and steering parts are included in the unsprung weight of the truck and are present in four different forms on the vehicle: either controlled or not controlled, either driven or not driven. Rigid stub axles are common as controlled front axles, which normally have a lowered centre part, which has a dual purpose: firstly to create more space for the engine and secondly to keep the frame height as low as possible. Truck rear axles are usually rigid axles, which have a banjo design (hub unit can be mounted and adjusted outside the housing).

Hypoid axles and planetary hub reduction axles

Hypoid axles are now almost exclusively installed in road vehicles (bevel gear differential in the centre drive), the advantages of which include a high level of mechanical efficiency and low unit weight. Planetary hub reduction axles (with additional planetary gear trains in the hub wheel carriers) are mostly found in the building industry, which is retaining this traditional structure for good reason: firstly, the drive shafts are loaded less with this construction, which can be a major advantage off-road. Secondly, with this design principle, the differential may be generally smaller. This benefits the vehicle again as it provides greater chassis clearance.

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