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Spare parts for truck compressed air systems

Air-brake systems are now standard for trucks with 7.5 tonnes gross weight or more. The braking initiated by the driver is created by the compressed air stored in the compressed air tanks. Dual-circuit braking systems are required by law: if the main circuit fails, a second circuit takes over its role in part. The compressed air acts on diaphragm and piston cylinders, which in turn transfer the braking force to the brake calipers in the wheel brakes. The braking effect finally results from the friction between the brake lining and brake disc or brake drum.

Drum brakes and disc brakes

Both drum brakes and disc brakes are available for trucks. In the case of drum brakes, the brake shoes are pressed against the brake drums from the inside during the braking process. With disc brakes, the pads in the brake caliper press against the brake disc. Brake drums and brake discs are each securely fixed to the wheel. The closed design of the drum brake offers good protection against dirt and moisture; however, the thermal properties and heat dissipation are less optimal in the case of a high load. These days therefore, drum brakes are almost always only installed on construction site vehicles. For truck brake systems, ventilated disc brakes are now standard for road vehicles. Apart from the reduced protection against dirt and moisture, disc brakes offer significant advantages over drum brakes: disc brakes are considerably lighter than drum brakes, which enables a higher useful load for trucks. The braking action is also better controlled with disc brakes and changing the brake pads is much easier.

Electronic braking systems

In truck braking systems, electronically controlled disc brakes with the safety systems TCS (traction control systems), ABS (anti-lock braking system) and ESP (electronic stability program) are commonly used. As far as is physically possible, the ESP prevents the vehicle from swerving or rolling over in emergency situations through the targeted braking of individual wheels. Initially available for lorries without trailers and articulated lorries, rigid trucks with trailers are also now being fitted with ESP.

For everything related to truck braking systems, EUROPART supplies all the necessary replacement parts, including brake discs together with securing bolts, brake pads, brake drums, brake application units and brake caliper carriers.

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