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Spare parts for trailer lighting and electrics

The EUROPART range also includes a large selection of rear lights for the lighting and electrics of truck trailers and semi-trailers such as reversing lights, working lights and LED lights for side marking.

Lighting for sides, rear and inside

Whether LEDs or traditionally based on light bulbs, EUROPART supplies different types of working lights and a wide range of other lighting equipment from side lights, marker lights and number plate lights to position lights and rear fog lights. Round, rectangular and triangular reflectors complete the range, which also includes hanging brackets for reflectors and accessories such as LED additional brake lights. For lighting inside areas, EUROPART has a wide variety of interior lighting, for example from the Hella and Proplast brands. All common light bulb designs are available - having access to complete bulb replacement boxes is advisable. EUROPART offers different versions of these, containing 9 to 12 items.

Cables, plugs and switches

The EUROPART product range for electric components on the trailer starts with all types of sockets, including ABS/EBS sockets and also contains a variety of electrical coils and adapter cables. The selection of cable equipment for Aspöck lighting systems is particularly extensive. It includes connection and flat cables, front distribution and junction boxes and also extends to full accessory kits for ASS1 and ASS2 connector systems.

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