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Spare parts for trailer compressed air systems

Compressed air is used to control a variety of functions, not only in trucks, but also in trailers. The trailer compressed air system not only ensures the working of the brakes and the control of the lift axles, but also takes care of the vehicle's suspension, provided it has air suspension, as the vast majority of trailers nowadays do. The trailer's compressed air system is supplied by the truck compressed air system, to which it is connected via a supply line and a control line. Trailer compressed air systems have separate compressed air tanks so that the functions in the trailer, such as the air brake system, can also be carried out regardless of the towing vehicle - at least for a while.

Everything for compressed air system repair

When it comes to compressed air parts, EUROPART has the most well-stocked range and supplies replacement parts and components that are needed in the workshop for repairing and maintaining trailer compressed air systems. The EUROPART product range also contains the corresponding accessories. This includes air coils with coloured anti-kink protection, conversion sets to Duo-Matic, also Duo-Matic couplings as individual parts. The range includes the standard non-interchangeable coupling heads as well as dummy couplings and plastic pipes according to DIN/ISO 74324/73378, along with the corresponding sleeves. Also supplied are brake hoses, brake pipes and hose clamps, various test connections as well as hose connections for brake hoses and brake pipes.

Steel and aluminium compressed air tanks

EUROPART offers 10-120 litre compressed air tanks in aluminium and 5-120 litre tanks in steel. At EUROPART, you will find air tank tensioning straps (with brackets) for diameters of 206 to 396 millimetres - even drain valves and tensioning strap pads are available as additional accessories.

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