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Spare parts for the trailer chassis

EUROPART supplies a variety of spare parts for truck trailer and semi-trailer vehicles. For everything related to air and axle suspension, the range contains complete air suspension systems (for example from SAF Holland), but also complete leaf suspension systems and individual air bellows, arresting cables, axle plates, bracket plates, plus suspension links, axle lifts and shock absorbers. EUROPART also offers weld-on brackets and mounting brackets for attaching support frames. In addition to axle parts and accessories, the selection ranges from wheel bearings and steering links to Jost hub odometers, which can either be mounted directly onto the axle caps or in a special axle cap to make them shockproof and are used for monitoring distances. EUROPART offers all common spare parts across-the-board for a wide range of axles by manufacturers BPW, SAF, Jost/Mercedes and Gigant.

Easy-to-repair technology is key

Invest up front and reap the rewards at the back: this sums up the division of work between the the towing and the towed. It is true that cost effectiveness is more evident in the pulled unit rather than the pulling unit. For example, semi-trailers stay on average far longer in vehicle fleets than towing vehicles before they are scrapped. Easy-to-repair technology and a smooth and uninterrupted supply of spare parts is vital, guaranteed by EUROPART.

Air suspension is standard in Europe

Articulated lorries have become accepted as standard throughout Europe since trailers 13.6 metres long were approved. Their advantages include relatively easy shunting, quick loading and unloading and good aerodynamics in comparison to drawbar combinations. The Europe-wide standardisation also enables units to be easily exchanged. Three-axle assemblies with nine-tonne axles, air suspension and disc or drum brakes are common with these vehicles. Drawbar trailers have lost considerable significance; however, they remain indispensable for example during operations combined with standardised swap bodies or containers.

Driving comfort and safety

The main job of suspension and damping is to ensure safe and stable driveability as well as driving comfort. Firstly, wheel suspension works as the intermediary between the vehicle's dynamic mass and the wheels that make contact with the road. Secondly, the wheel suspension must at the same time transform impacts that are introduced to the vehicle by the road, so that the chassis, vehicle structure and load are only exposed to gentle vibrations.

Trailing arms or springs control the axles

The wheel suspension itself mainly consists of spring elements (usually air suspension in trailers, but occasionally also leaf spring suspension) and damping (shock absorbers) and components that are also responsible for control. In leaf spring suspension, the suspension package is responsible for taking over the wheel control forces both longitudinally and transversely. In air suspension, additional items such as trailing arms and sometimes also additional stabilisers are needed for safe wheel control.

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