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Spare parts for trailer brake systems

The brake system in a trailer, along with the tyres, are probably subject to the most wear on the vehicle. Whether for drum brakes or disc brakes: EUROPART offers an extensive range of all relevant replacement parts for axle brakes by leading manufacturers such as BPW, SAF, Jost/Mercedes, Meritor and Gigant.

Disc brake spare parts

The range includes the basic parts for disc brakes such as brake discs, brake pads, brake calipers and brake cylinders as well as repair kits for brake calipers and bearing shafts for example. The EUROPART disc brake range also covers all relevant small parts such as seal and bracket sets and collets, as well as electronic parts such as pulse wheels and ABS sensors.

Drum brake spare parts

EUROPART also supplies all essential components for drum brakes, such as brake drums, brake shoes and cylinders, as well as brake slack adjusters. The selection of available parts ranges from base plates for brake cylinder assembly and support bearing plates for brake shaft bearings, complete repair kits for drum brakes including brake shoes and for brake shaft bearings, to the respective sealing rings, safety rings, bearing rings and O-rings.

Supply and control lines

Two-line dual-circuit braking systems are a basic requirement for trailers over 3.5 tonnes total weight. In this construction principle, regardless of the braking process, a reserve supply line replenishes the compressed air supply in the trailer's pressure containers. Trailer service and parking brakes are controlled by a control line which is always connected to the yellow-marked coupling head, which currently uses the common electronically controlled EBS braking systems (EBS) as backup. The colour of the coupling head for the reserve supply line is red.

Brake valves and brake cylinders

A key component of the EBS braking system is the EBS modulator, which regulates and monitors the electro-pneumatic braking system. It is typically installed between the supply tank and the EBS trailer brake valve/park, release and manoeuvring valves and brake cylinders near the axles on the trailer's frame. Two pneumatically independent pressure control channels, which in turn are each equipped with a venting and bleed valve, are also typical for modulators. Moreover, modulators have a redundancy valve, a pressure sensor and a common electronic control system. The modulator includes an electrical connection for an ABS or EBS relay valve. This makes it possible to control the brake cylinder pressure on an axle separately.

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