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Bus: spare parts for vehicle equipment

The vehicle equipment product range for buses includes a particularly large variety of reflective stripes for vehicle marking, spare parts for heating and air conditioning systems, cabin filters and useful accessories, such as antifreeze, defrosters, battery chargers, fire extinguishers and emergency hammers. In this category, EUROPART offers its customers an almost unlimited selection.

Driver seats

For driver seats, usually two to three major manufacturers deal with original equipment, which each bus manufacturer specifies according to its own expectations, sometimes in combination with the upholstery fabric of the passenger seats. The seat manufacturer also offers its own top-of-the-range model on the open market, which EUROPART supplies rapidly and at good value: examples are the bus driver seat 6860/885 NTS from Isri, the Tourea High Performance from Grammer and the bus driver seat C 6000 from Recaro.

Glass cleaning

Windscreen de-icer, anti-frost windscreen washer fluid, a windscreen cleaner with an aluminium handle and rubber lip ensure an unrestricted view at all times. EUROPART also supplies a large selection of wiper blades, wiper motors and windscreen washer pumps as spare parts.

Vehicle marking

EUROPART supplies reflective tape for vehicle marking as spare parts after body repairs or to add to the standard contour markings. These reflective special tapes can be installed on any solid bodywork and ensure high visibility and safety at night. At EUROPART, customers can also find warning signs for school buses, various types of speed plate and instruction signboards for indoor areas.

Heating and air conditioning

Heating and air conditioning are important features which should always function smoothly, especially in buses where passenger comfort plays a major role. In the case of an emergency, the EUROPART range offers a wide choice of spare parts for bus heating and air conditioning systems. Here you can find radial fans, heat exchangers, air conditioning compressors, condensers, filter dryers and even electronic control units and control panels for air conditioning systems.


All sorts of useful accessories make work easier behind the wheel and guarantee satisfied passengers. These items include the emergency hammers that often go missing, fire extinguishers, high visibility vests and first aid kits, also those important accessories specially for coaches, such as toilet chemicals and paper towels. You can also find power inverters and cool boxes in the accessories range, as well as on-board coffee machines and 24 volt kettles.

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