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Vehicle parts for buses

The many different attachments which buses need to run optimally are just as important as the engine, gearbox and chassis of a bus and EUROPART naturally has these products in its range. These include for example, mirrors and items that are particularly exposed and therefore more damage-prone than most, such as bumpers, corner guards and front panels.


Mirrors are no longer just a means to an end on buses, but also a design feature. So it is no surprise that the EUROPART range contains a wide selection of different mirrors and complete mirror systems by brand manufacturers Mekra and Hella - from simple standard main mirrors for older bus models to retractable multi-mirror systems for certain types of bus.

Body parts

Not only do mirrors frequently become damaged in everyday city life, but exposed body parts such as corner guards, bumpers and front panels are often subject to impacts. EUROPART offers a wide choice of suitable spare body parts especially for the public service vehicles from Irisbus, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Setra and Solaris.

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