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Spare parts for bus lighting and bus electrics

EUROPART offers a wide selection of spare parts for lighting and electrics on buses and coaches from the European manufacturers Irisbus, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Neoplan, Scania, Setra, Solaris, Temsa, Van Hool, VDL and Volvo. In addition to batteries, starter motors and generators, the range includes spare parts for lighting, switches and sensors as well as electric connections.

Lighting: all-round light on the bus

Buses have lighting systems at the front, on the side and in the rear. The EUROPART spare parts range is divided accordingly into front lighting, side lighting and rear lighting. For the front, we offer H1, H4, H7 and Xenon main headlights together with high beams and dipped beams, auxiliary and fog lights, as well as LED daytime running lights, navigation lights and indicator lights in different designs. Different brand-specific and universal side marker lamps, indicator lights and position lamps are available for side lighting.

For the vehicle rear, EUROPART offers rear lights, including those with rear fog lights, reversing lights, indicator lights, brake lights and tail lights, as well as LED supplementary brake lights, reversing lights, rear fog lights, position and number plate lights and rear reflectors. Bulbs and halogen headlamps in all common sizes complete the range.

Batteries: energy storage for starting and driving

For buses, EUROPART supplies starter batteries with different capacities from 120 Ah to 225 Ah. As well as batteries from well-known manufacturers such as Varta, you can also find quality batteries from the EUROPART own-brand in the range. The maintenance-free batteries are characterised by their good starting power, low water consumption, universal applications, long service life and reliability.

Starter motors and generators: a diverse selection

A wide range of starter motors and generators distinguishes the EUROPART product range for bus spare parts. The range includes starter motors for all common bus engines. The product line also contains starter motors from well-known original equipment manufacturers such as Bosch, Hella, Lucas and Prestolite, as well as quality-tested EUROPART own-brand starter motors. This is similarly the case with generators available from different manufacturers with charging currents of 28 to 180 amps for all common buses.

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