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Engine parts for buses

To operate reliably, the engine in a public service vehicle or coach needs various engine parts, which EUROPART also provides as spare parts. These include filters and parts for the cooling and exhaust systems, which have become increasingly more complex and sophisticated. At EUROPART, you can find a broad selection of spare parts for all of the systems that are clustered around the bus engine. In the range you can find a variety of turbochargers as well as various charge air and engine coolers, individual cooling system components such as water pumps, clutches for cooling fans and the fan wheels themselves. EUROPART also supplies central and rear silencers and various exhaust system gaskets. A broad selection of V-belts and V-belt tensioners is also available.

Air filters, oil filters, fuel filters

Filters protect the engine against harmful substances and ensure clean combustion and a long service life. Whether it is the oil filter that filters out unwanted combustion residues such as mechanical impurities, for example from metal abrasion and the ever-present dust, or the fuel prefilter and main fuel filter which clean the diesel fuel so that it is suitable for the engine: in its range EUROPART offers all of the most common filters. Naturally it also supplies air filters, which help keep the core unit of your bus clean.

Turbocharging and charge air cooling

Clean combustion and therefore cleaner exhaust gases are demanded from modern bus engines. For many years, there have been no buses running in Europe without turbochargers and charge air cooling. These are the basic requirements for efficient and environmentally-friendly engine technology, which - in the time of Euro 6 - must now have SCR catalysts and in many cases, exhaust gas recirculation as well, in order to comply with the strict exhaust emissions standards of today. The EUROPART spare parts range is supplemented with tubes and clamps, silencers and particle filters for the exhaust system.


As requirements for combustion increase, the requirements regarding engine cooling are also increasing. Ever larger and more efficient radiators have been brought into use in recent years. The EUROPART spare part range also includes engine radiators and their peripheral devices, such as charge air coolers, expansion tanks, fans and water pumps.

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