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Spare parts for bus engines and drive components

EUROPART supplies a wide variety of spares for the engines in current and older bus models from Irisbus, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Neoplan, Scania, Setra, Solaris, Temsa, Van Hool, VDL and Volvo. Engine parts and spare parts for belt drives are included, as well as a wide range of other items such as clutches and clutch kits.

Engine parts and belt drives

In addition to oil filters, fuel filters, air filters and glow plugs, we also supply a wide selection of exhaust gas turbochargers, oil sump and cylinder head gaskets, engine mountings and fuel pumps. They are joined by a wide choice of V-belts and toothed belts.

Clutches and clutch kits

The EUROPART product range also contains clutch kits, clutch discs, clutch slave and master cylinders, release bearings, central release bearings, flywheels and conversion kits for replacement purposes.

Diesel engines largely standard

Diesel engines represent the standard type of power unit for both trucks and buses. In this case, during the compression stroke of the cylinder, the piston compresses the incoming pure air so much that it heats up to about 700 to 900 degrees. Diesel fuel is injected at the right moment and ignites without the need for an ignition source such as a spark plug. Diesel engines are therefore also known as compression-ignition or CI engines.

Electronically controlled fuel injection

In modern diesel engines, high-pressure fuel-injection systems such as the currently widespread common rail system, with a fuel pressure of up to 3000 bar, ensure a particularly fine fuel atomisation in the combustion chamber. Electronic control of the system also enables the injection process to be divided into several phases: pre-injection, main injection and post-injection. This not only improves the engine's operating characteristics, but also lowers the fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

Turbocharger and charge air cooling

After combustion, the piston pushes the exhaust gas through the exhaust manifold onto the turbine wheel of the turbocharger. This impels it onto a compressor wheel that is located on the same rotor shaft. When the inlet valve is open, the compressor wheel forces fresh intake air at a pressure of about 0.9 to 3 bar into the combustion chamber, significantly increasing the fresh air filling ratio of the engine. However, because of the radiant heat of the hot exhaust gases in the turbocharger, the intake air is heated up, leading to a reduction in density and therefore a reduction in the proportion of oxygen in the intake air. Modern engines therefore have a charge air cooler built into the intake system, the purpose of which is to cool the hot intake air drawn in by the turbocharger. Together with high-pressure fuel injection, considerably higher engine efficiency and better emission levels are thus obtained in engines with the same cylinder capacity.

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