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Spare parts for bus compressed air systems

EUROPART has a wide selection of spare parts for bus compressed air systems, ranging from parts for the air treatment system to valves. Compressed air tanks and compressed air fittings. At EUROPART, you can find almost everything you need for repairing and maintaining these central and important systems in buses. As well as compressors for the different bus models from Irisbus, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Neoplan, Scania, Setra, Solaris, Temsa, Van Hool, VDL and Volvo, EUROPART also offers air dryer cartridges in different designs as well as complete air dryer systems from well-known manufacturers such as Haldex, Knorr-Bremse and Wabco.

Central system for brakes and suspension

The bus compressed air system is used to transfer high forces to the brakes, which are designed as air brakes. At the same time, the compressed air system supplies the air suspension with the required operating pressure. For these purposes, a compressor installed on and driven by the engine compresses the ambient air to a pressure of up to 18 bar. The air is dehumidified and cleaned, stored under pressure in compressed air tanks and transferred as needed to the consumers, such as brake cylinders, combined cylinders or air bellows via the relevant brake valves or control valves, In modern buses, electronics usually controls the air suspension, for example for level compensation; in addition this enables 'kneeling', where the passenger side sinks when the doors are open, allowing almost step-free access for entry and exit at bus stops.

Comprehensive spare parts range

The EUROPART spare part portfolio for bus air compressors ranges from simple aerosol can leak detectors and all imaginable connection parts to sophisticated technology such as complete compressors and assorted valves. The selection also contains ABS relay valves such as four-circuit protection valves, hand brake valves and EBS relay valves. Furthermore, in the EUROPART range you can find pressure control and solenoid valves, EBS brake modules, EBS axle modulators, diaphragm and combination brake cylinders, as well as spring brake cylinders. Compressed air tanks of steel construction from the EUROPART own-brand range are available with different volumes from 5 to 120 litres.

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