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Spare parts for bus braking systems

EUROPART supplies the common spare parts for braking systems of buses and coaches from the manufacturers Irisbus, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Neoplan, Scania, Setra, Solaris, Temsa, Van Hool, VDL and Volvo. The range includes spare parts for drum and disc brakes from well-known suppliers, such as Wabco, Knorr-Bremse and Meritor, but also EUROPART own-brand brake discs, brake drums and brake linings. You can also find brake discs, brake calipers, brake pads and repair kits for disc brakes at EUROPART, as well as brake cam spindles, brake shoes, brake drums and brake slack adjusters for drum brakes. We also supply combination brake cylinders from various manufacturers.

Disk brakes are standard today

Disc brakes are nowadays fitted as standard in buses, public service vehicles and coaches. Older bus models also have drum brakes or a combination of drum brakes on the drive axle and disc brakes on the steering axle. Compared to drum brakes, disc brakes offer the advantages of low structural dimensions and better heat dissipation, are easily accessible and therefore easier to maintain and repair. In addition, the own weight of the brakes is lower with disc brakes, which permits higher useful loads. And last but not least, they offer a high degree of safety, as the braking effect does not decrease, even when continuously braking.

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