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Garage Equipment

An extensive range of products, personal on-site advice, various financing options and first-class service for your workshop: Benefit from our direct proximity to the market and our highly concentrated expertise.

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Testing and diagnosis technology

Troubleshooting starts with the proper test and diagnostic equipment. Starting with multi-brand diagnostic devices, through exhaust gas measurement technology, headlamp adjustment devices and stations, battery chargers, to complete brake test stands for commercial vehicles, vans and cars. Professionals will certainly find what they are looking for here.

Lifting technology

EUROPART has all sizes of lifting technology in its range for a view under the commercial vehicle: From wheel gripper systems, lifting platforms and pit jacks to car jacks. We provide mobile and stationary solutions taking into account your budget, structural requirements and legal demands.

Wheel and tyre technology

The basic equipment of every workshop includes a tyre changer, such as the one supplied by our partner CORGHI. In combination with a wheel balancer, this enables a simple, comfortable and fast tyre service. We supply the usual tyre service accessories such as EUROPART tyre changer cream and paste and everything else daily from our central warehouse.

Air-conditioning technology

Hardly any commercial vehicle is sold today without air conditioning. It is logical that EUROPART also dedicates a main focus to the field of air conditioning technology, whether in the form of EUROPART air conditioning service units, leak detection techniques, solutions for flushing, cleaning and disinfecting or repair.

Washing and Cleaning Technology

Even an ideal cleaning result of the vehicle, in the vehicle interior or in the workshop does not present us with a great challenge. We have a complete range of washing and cleaning technology tailored to the daily cleaning tasks of our customers. For instance, we offer Kärcher high-pressure cleaners, scrubbing machines or wet/dry vacuum cleaners and the corresponding cleaning agents daily from our central warehouse. We are even equipped with parts-cleaning washing machines for cleaning spare parts.

Bodywork and repair technology

Speedy and careful welding work and bodywork requires not only specialists but also the right equipment. Therefore, a wide range of welding machines, their welding fume extraction and accessories is a matter of course for us.

Brake, axle and engine technology

Regular maintenance of brakes is an absolute necessity. Impaired brake performance can have many causes, such as a jammed brake calliper, excessive temperature of the friction material or excessive load. Not only do we stock spare parts for brakes, but also all products related to brake and axle service, from brake disc turning machines to brake lifts and intelligent brake maintenance equipment. Filling and bleeding devices, such as the VARIO 5 MO from Stierius, can also be found in our range. EUROPART also has the perfect equipment for engines and gearboxes, including repair equipment such as valve lifters and valve grinding machines or even engine positioners for optimum workflows.

Compressed air, oil and grease technology

An efficient material supply with compressed air, oil and grease is the be-all and end-all in a workshop. We take this into special consideration when converting workshops or building new ones. But we also supply compressors, hose reels, pumps, oil collecting trays and much more for daily requirements according to your ideas. We would be pleased to advise you on site.

General Workshop Requirements

The general workshop requirements in the areas of lighting, fire protection, access technology, shelving systems, means of transport, storage and organisation ideally round off our range of workshop equipment.

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