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Occupational health and safety

The German Occupational Safety Act (ArbSchG), which governs health and safety at work, is becoming increasingly important. And rightly so: according to estimations by the International Labour Organisation (ILO of the United Nations), more than 2.3 million people die every year as a result of occupational accidents or illnesses. EUROPART therefore devotes a separate range in the product line to health and safety at work.

Protective clothing for all situations

The range covers practically all activities in the transport and workshop sectors. Work clothing literally from head to foot is available, from caps, hats and helmets, waterproof jackets and dungarees, to several varieties of protective footwear. For eyes and ears, EUROPART has a wide range of safety glasses (also available as full welding equipment) and hearing protection. Simple dust masks or half and full-face masks protect airways, depending on requirements.

First aid and environmental protection

The product range contains about 60 different types of protective gloves, from disposable gloves to nappa leather gloves for gas-shielded welding. Other key areas are environmental protection, first aid and workplace equipment. EUROPART covers both first aid and workplace equipment with a wide selection, including medical boxes and first aid kits, eye wash stations, workplace mats and floor coverings. Environmental protection includes oil binders and emergency buckets to clean up harmful substances in a crisis before they can find their way into the environment.

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