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Fastening technology

An extensive range of EUROPART own-brand items is available in the area of fastening technology. This includes nuts in different sizes and varieties, whether they are wing nuts, hexagon nuts, cap nuts or self-locking nuts. A similarly wide variety of rivets, split pins, bolts, washers, rings and grease nipples is also available. In addition, selected parts from well-known suppliers such as Fischer-Dübel are provided.

Organisation made easy

To make day-to-day work as simple as possible, EUROPART parts are optimally packed: with resealable covers or reclosable chutes on the front and clear labelling with a colour system and pictograms on the box. A self-adhesive strip can also be detached and for example affixed to a shelf.

Product cases and shelving systems

EUROPART has its own small parts hoppers and product cases on offer for organised storage of different parts. The cases are in turn designed to be compatible with the EUROPART Shelving System (ESS) and also for most other shelving systems. ESS consumables systems are also available, for example for storing over 4,500 parts from the commercial vehicle fastening technology range in a tower column, requiring minimal space and ensuring items are close at hand. Other applications and modules, such as shelving units with drawers are also possible.

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