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Chemical products

The fields of application of EUROPART's chemical/technical products cover an extensive area. This concerns the oil in engines as well as the soap in wash rooms, glue in tubes or the concentrate in windscreen cleaners.

Oils and lubrication

EUROPART offers engine oils, gearbox oils, hydraulic oils and other lubricants for vans, trucks and buses, from brand manufacturers such as Liqui Moly as well as the EUROPART own-brand. Virtually all viscosity classes of engine oils are available in the product range, including the standard 10W-40 engine oil or the new utility vehicle low-friction engine oil Premium MAXX SAE 5W-30. Also available are gearbox and hydraulic oils, as well as lubricants. In the "Chemicals Special Edition" of the EUROPART Premium Parts catalogue, you can also find a practical "Lubricant Guide" on engines, gearboxes, axles and steering systems from the seven biggest truck manufacturers (DAF, Iveco, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Renault Trucks, Scania and Volvo Trucks).

Sanitising and cleaning

EUROPART supplies several types and pack sizes of cleaning agents for inside and outside, including classical white spirit as well as special cleaners such as graffiti remover. Matching sprayers and pump dispensers are available as well. The comprehensive selection also covers everything related to servicing and maintenance, be it brake cleaner, metal putty, penetrating oil, rust remover, aluminium or zinc spray. In the cleaning agent range, you can find items from well-known brand manufacturers such as Sonax as well as EUROPART own-brand products.

Adhesives and sealants

Adhesives and sealants - whether by Henkel or the EUROPART brand - meet all requirements. Whether silicone, assembly adhesives, bodywork sealants, super glues or even multi-purpose repair tape: the product range contains all frequently used resources. Another main topic is summarised under the keywords "Winter chemicals": here you can find all the additives and substances that are in demand in the cold season, such as methylated spirits, antifreeze for the cooling system and radiator, anti-frost windscreen washer fluid and quick-start spray.

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