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EUROPART Premium Parts

All over Europe, the demand for alternatives to original spare parts is growing when it comes to commercial vehicle parts. EUROPART recognised this trend at an early stage and therefore offers under its own-brand name a comprehensive range of wearing parts and consumables frequently required by you as customer, with particularly good value for money.

All the parts from A to Z

The EUROPART brand already supplies approximately 7,000 parts. It specialises in consumables and workshop supplies, including chemical products, oils and tools, spare parts for axles, brakes, chassis, engine equipment, lighting and electrical systems. For example, engine and vehicle parts such as exhaust gas turbochargers, batteries, brake discs and pads are also available as EUROPART own-brand products, as are filters, air springs, windscreen wipers or – new to the range – water pumps, brake slack adjusters and wheel hubs. The low-viscosity engine oil Premium MAXX SAE 5W-30 for commercial vehicles and the mineral-oil based hydraulic oil HLP ISO 32 are also new in the range. Standard and DIN components such as washers, spring washers, nuts and bolts as well as load securing equipment such as lashing straps complete the EUROPART own-brand product range.

EUROPART: Truck Race approved

High quality is guaranteed: Suppliers are audited according to the highest standards in the automobile industry. EUROPART also uses its own products under the toughest conditions in truck racing. For example, brake pads and brake discs are subjected to extreme loads in truck racing: when a truck with a power of 1100 PS brakes, the brake discs reach temperatures up to 600 degrees.

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