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Workshop equipment

The basis for good work is good equipment. Regardless of whether it is an independent or franchised garage: constantly advancing technology requires not only further training of employees, but also continuous investment in new equipment. At EUROPART, you'll find everything you need for a well-equipped repair and service centre.

Equipment for servicing batteries, brakes and axles

This starts with operating and storage installations, such as the EUROPART Shelving System (ESS) and continues with a broad range of equipment and accessories for battery, brakes and axle service. In this range, you can find items such as testing and charging equipment, starting boosters, brake filling and bleeding equipment, riveting machines and riveting hammers as well as brake and axle tools. For everything to do with compressed air, oil and grease supply, EUROPART provides screw-type and piston compressors, oil dispensing kits, drain trays and pit waste oil drainers, storage and disposal tanks, drum racks, lubrication equipment and pumps.

Lifting and diagnosis technology

From axle stands and floor jacks to mobile and stationary lifting platforms in different designs, EUROPART has all sizes of equipment in its lifting technology range for access beneath cars, vans or trucks. For everything to do with testing and diagnosing, professionals can also find products ranging from diagnostic equipment and accessories, such as cable cases and trolleys to complete brake test stands for trucks, vans and cars.

Everything you need for sheet metal and welding work

Speedy and careful body work not only requires specialists, but also the right tools and accessories. From masking tape to tin snips, body straightening jigs, welding equipment, angle grinders and putty and filler, the range has the A to Z of everything you need. When it comes to engines and gearboxes, EUROPART also has the right equipment, including repair tools such as valve lifters and valve grinding machines but also engine stands and engine positioners for optimal work processes.

Tyre service equipment

Practically no cars and certainly hardly any trucks are sold today without an air conditioning system. It therefore makes sense for EUROPART to also focus on this area, whether in the form of service equipment, UV leak detection lamps or chemical/technical products like refrigerants, synthetic oil and air conditioner cleaners. Another major topic: tyres. The EUROPART range includes basic equipment for trucks, vans and cars, such as tyre changing and tyre balancing machines, consumables and accessories like balance weights and fitting paste, pneumatic screwdrivers and equipment for transporting and storing tyres.

Storage requirements and consumable materials

The general requirements for workshops in terms of lighting, fitting equipment, consumable materials, transport, storage and organisation is also covered. And what's more: EUROPART will also provide further assistance with questions about financing, leasing or hire purchasing various equipment and facilities.

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