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EUROPART spare parts suitable for trucks from Scania

EUROPART can supply you with wearing and spare parts for the maintenance and repair of your Scania truck for both the 3-series and the 4-series as well as for the current P, G and R series. Lighting, braking systems, electrics, chassis, vehicle equipment and engine: our range, which can be supplied quickly and reliably, includes all areas of the vehicle.

Swedish modular construction system

The Swedish manufacturer Scania concentrates on heavy-duty trucks from 18 tonnes gross weight. Since 2012, the company, which has its strongest markets in Western and Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia, has been owned by VW. Traditionally the Swedes are known for a sophisticated modular system with many identical parts. Hence, for example, Scania does not produce any narrow cabs. Instead they are always full-width. Due to three mounting heights, the cabs for the P, G and R series have different entry and engine tunnel heights. The latter are 460 millimetres for the Scania P, 310 millimetres for the Scania G and 150 millimetres for the Scania R. The P and G are available in short, medium length and long models with three different roof heights, for which the “Highline” is the maximum. The R has the alternatives of medium-length and long with four roof heights up to the “Topline” spacious cab. For special-purpose vehicles, Scania supplies conversions in the form of low-entry and crew cabs.

Apart from a few overlaps, the roles in road transport are quite clearly distributed: P is for distribution transport, G is for regional transport and R is for long-distance transport. Construction site vehicles are available from all three series. It is generally possible to have all types of configuration, from the 4x2 two-axle version to the 10x4 five-axle version, including with 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 all-wheel drive.

Engines from 250 to 730 PS

Scania has an exception with its five-cylinder DC09 series engines. You can choose from 9.3 litre units with 184, 206, 235 and 265 kW (250, 280, 320 and 360 PS), in addition there are two gas variants (CNG). As well as the power range of the DC09, there is the DC13 in-line six-cylinder engine with a 12.7 litre cylinder capacity. Rated power outputs of 272, 302, 331 or 360 kW (370, 410, 450 or 490 PS) are available. With the 9 litre and 13 litre engine, Scania uses two types of technology for Euro 6: Both are available with a combination of exhaust gas recirculation and SCR exhaust gas after-treatment or with only the SCR method. The third engine variant is the legendary V8 Scania, which was introduced as the DC16 with a 16.4 litre cylinder capacity during the Euro 6 period. Exhaust gas recirculation plus SCR is obligatory. The power output choices are 382, 472 or 537 kW (520, 580 or 730 PS). In the Swedish homeland, the top-of-the-range engine is usually used in long trucks with (at least) 60 tonnes of pull weight.

Own gearboxes

Scania combines the engines with its own gearboxes in 8, 8+1, 12 and 12+2 speed versions. For special applications such as refuse collection, Allison automatics are available. The in-house semi-automatic gearbox which has for a long time been the rule rather than the exception is called Scania Opticruise. A special feature: the Swedes allow their customers to choose whether or not they still want to have a clutch pedal with semi-automatic transmission (“Three-” or “Two-Pedal-Opticruise”). In connection with Opticruise, Scania was the first European manufacturer that could supply predictive cruise control. Whereas initially the system only influenced the speed control, the latest generation also adjusts the gear transmission strategy to the topography. Another new feature: there is now the in-house Scania Retarder, including the disconnectable R4100 variant, which avoids drag losses.

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