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EUROPART spare parts suitable for trucks from Renault Trucks

Whether it is for the chassis, braking systems, engine, lighting, electrics or vehicle equipment: EUROPART can supply you quickly and reliably with wearing parts and spare parts for the maintenance and repair of your Renault truck. Our product range includes truck spare parts for older models such as Midlum, Premium, Lander, Kerax and Magnum as well as for the current D, C, K and T model ranges.

Volvo’s French subsidiary

Renault Trucks has been part of the Swedish group AB Volvo since the end of the year 2000. Consequently, Volvo technology is increasingly being used in the various models but the classification of the series remains the same for the time being: Midlum as all-rounder in the middleweight sector, Premium Distribution and Premium Route for the heavy distribution and regional traffic, Lander and Kerax for construction sites and Magnum for long-distance transport. Many of these vehicles are still in use because Renault Trucks only stopped making them in mid-2013. The range was completely updated and restructured in advance of Euro 6.

Series T: large and small trucks for long-distance transport

Series T has taken the place of Premium and Magnum. This is characterised by a “wedge-shaped” section of the T cab: 2.3 m wide at the front and 2.5 m wide at the back. There are four variants, a low cab with two lengths as well as the two high-roof cabs Sleeper and High Sleeper. With a 20 cm high engine tunnel, the Sleeper can be regarded as the successor to the Premium. The High Sleeper, like the Magnum before it, has a totally flat cab floor. For the power unit, both the DTI 11 and DTI 13 10.8 litre and the 12.8 litre in-line six cylinder engines are available in six power output levels from 279 to 382 kW (380 to 520 PS). Alternative axle configurations of 4x2 and 6x2 are available and you can select a semi-automatic gearbox (Optidriver) or a manual gearbox (B14).

Series K: for construction

The series K, like the Kerax before it, is adapted for heavy duty construction site use. Accordingly, there are also variants such as the “K Xtrem” for open-cast mining and quarrying. In contrast, series C is aimed more at light off-road use and the transportation of construction materials – and thus follows in the footsteps of the Renault Lander. The chassis for the “C Xload” version that is designed for a high payload is also recommended for concrete mixers. As with the T, the DTI11 and DTI13 engines are available for the K and C in all power output levels. For the C, the 7.7 litre six-cylinder DT18 with 184, 206 or 235 kW (250, 280 or 320 PS) is also an option.

The K is available with the axle configurations 4x2, 4x4, 6x4 and 8x4 with technically possible gross combination weights from 70 tonnes and upwards. Due to the more moderate conditions of use, Renault does not offer a permanent all-wheel drive for the C. Instead it also offers lighter 6x2 and 8x2 chassis and an engageable hydrostatic front-wheel drive (“Optitrack”) for two and three axle versions. In addition to the semi-automatic or manual 12 or 12+2 speed gearboxes (Optidriver or B14), for the C there are also the Allison automatic (six-speed) and manual nine-speed gearboxes (8+1). The K only comes with a wide (2,500 mm) cab in two lengths (Day Cab or Night and Day Cab) but for the C on the other hand there are seven variants: two wide (2,300 and 2,500 mm), three long and two roof heights up to the veritable long-distance cab (Sleeper Cab).

Series D: distribution truck in many variants

Renault caters for distribution transport with its series D. Once again this is divided into three segments: the French call the lightweight class of up to 7.5 tonnes gross weight the “D Cab 2 M”. This is fitted with a low-mounted cab and a three litre four cylinder (DT13) engine with 110 or 130 kW (150 or 177 PS). The two-axle (4x2 and 4x4) D-chassis in the 10 to 18 tonne gross weight range is characterised by a high-mounted 2,100 mm wide cab. It can be fitted with the DTI5 and DTI8 engines, with 5.1 and 7.7 litre cylinder capacity and 154 to 235 kW (210 to 320 PS). The two and three axle Ds (4x2 and 6x2), for 18 to 26 tonnes, have the DTI8 as standard under their 2,300 millimetre wide cabs. You can select the manual or semi-automatic gearbox with six, nine or twelve speeds as well as Allison automatics.

Below this, the Renault Maxity van (3.5 to 4.5 tonnes gross weight) and Master (2.8 to 4.5 tonnes gross weight) round off the overall range.

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