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EUROPART spare parts suitable for trucks from Mercedes-Benz

EUROPART can quickly and reliably supply wearing parts and spare parts for the maintenance and repair of all current and older Mercedes-Benz series from Atego to Antos, Axor, Arocs and Actros. EUROPART can also supply suitable spare parts for the older series SK, MK, LK/LN2 and for Econic, Unimog and Zetros. Our range covers all areas of the vehicle: chassis, braking system, engine, lighting, electrics and vehicle equipment.

The world’s largest truck manufacturer

Daimler AG is the largest manufacturer of trucks in the world. With the brand names Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner, Western Star, Fuso and Bharat Benz, the company is represented right across the globe. The Mercedes-Benz current range for the European market comprises the series Atego, Antos, Arocs and Actros. In addition, there are special vehicles such as the legendary equipment carrier Unimog, the off-road truck with an engine bonnet from the Zetros series, the Econic with its characteristic low-floor cab and the heavy-duty vehicles Arocs SLT and Actros SLT for up to 250 tonnes of pull weight. The stock often also includes vehicles from the Axor series, whose OM 457 series 12-litre in-line engines are no longer trimmed to the Euro 6. However, for markets outside the EU, the Axor is still manufactured in Turkey.

Versatile distribution truck: the Mercedes-Benz Atego

As a 4x2 or 4x4 two-axle vehicle, the Atego falls into the classic distribution and light construction-site transport sector with a gross weight of between 6.5 and 15.0 tonnes. For the power unit, you can choose the 5.1 litre, four-cylinder OM 934 or the 7.7 litre six cylinder OM 936. Hence a power output range of 115 to 220 kW (156 to 299 PS) is offered in seven gradations. For its class, the Atego has a well populated range of available cabs: The “Classic Space” cab is available in three lengths (1,650, 1,830 and 2,250 mm) and there is also the long “Big Space” with a high roof.

For heavy-duty distribution transport: Mercedes-Benz Antos

The Antos, announced by Mercedes for introduction in the winter of 2012 as the “first specialised heavy-duty distribution truck” is put forward with a short (1,700 mm) or medium-length cab (2,000 mm). With two roof heights and two mounting heights with a 170 or 320 millimetre high engine tunnel, there are six variants for the basic models “Compact Space” and “Classic Space”. For the drive, all current Euro 6 in-line six-cylinder engines from Mercedes are available from the OM 936 to the OM 473 which is twice the size. This results in an impressive 16 power output levels, from 175 to 460 kW (238 to 625 PS) generated by a 7.7, 10.7 (OM 470), 12.8 (OM 471) or 15.6 litre cylinder capacity – the same applies for Arocs and Actros. As a chassis and tractor unit, the Antos is available as 4x2, 6x2 and 6x4, including versions optimised for load capacity (“Loader”) and/or load volumes (“Volumer”).

The construction site professional: Mercedes-Benz Arocs

The construction site specialist Arocs is also available in a “Loader” variant, for example as a concrete mixer. However, the second alternative to the standard chassis is called “Grounder” and is aimed at extreme types of use. With Arocs, the full range is on offer from 4x2 to the heavy-duty 8x8 all-wheel tipper truck, including variations with “Hydraulic Auxiliary Drive”. The cab range is based on the basic models “Classic Space”, “Compact Space”, “Stream Space” and “Big Space” with three lengths (1,700, 2,000 and 2,300 mm), two widths (2,300 and 2,500 mm) and two mounting heights (170 or 320 mm engine tunnel).

The flagship for long-distance transport: Mercedes-Benz Actros

In comparison to Arocs, the cab range for Actros also includes the flagship “Giga Space” with an inside height of approximately 2.10 metres. Similarly to Antos there are the “Loader” and “Volumer” models but, with Euro 6, the construction site models have passed completely to Arocs. Of course, there are still very many “Actros Construction” models with Euro 2 to Euro 5 engines throughout all of Europe. The preserve of the new Actros is long-distance transport, whether as a tractor unit or rigid truck. Hence the offered range is limited to the 4x2, 6x2 and 6x4 configurations.

Innovative technology

Mercedes was the first manufacturer to make an early switch to standard fitting with semi-automatic gearboxes. They produce these themselves under the label “Powershift” as well as the optional manual transmission gearboxes. With the PPC system (Predictive Powertrain Control) Mercedes was also able to offer, from 2012, a predictive cruise control that adjusts not only the speed but also the shift strategy to the topography.

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