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EUROPART spare parts suitable for trucks from Iveco

For the maintenance and repair of your Iveco truck, EUROPART supplies consumable parts and spare parts for all vehicle areas, from the chassis, braking systems and engine to the lighting, electrical systems or vehicle equipment. EUROPART can quickly and reliably supply you with truck spare parts for all current Iveco models from the Eurocargo, Trakker and Stralis series, as well as for older models from the EuroStar, EuroTech and EuroTrakker series.

Distribution, construction and long-distance trucks

The name Iveco derives from “Industrial Vehicle Corporation” which was formed in the mid-70s from the merger of Fiat Industrial Vehicles and the manufacturers OM (Italy), Unic (France) and Magirus-Deutz. Iveco has traditionally been strongly represented in the distribution and construction sectors in which it offers two series of long-standing, Eurocargo or Trakker The same applies to Iveco Daily in the heavy-duty van sector for up to seven tonnes of gross weight. In the long-distance transport sector, the first generation of Stralis vehicles replaced the predecessor EuroStar at the end of 2001. Initially Stralis was also produced in Ulm but now it is only manufactured at the Spanish factory in Madrid.

The distribution specialist: Iveco Eurocargo

Iveco offers Eurocargo finely graduated from 7.5 to 18 tonnes of gross weight and from 11.5 to 15.0 tonnes; it is also offered as a 4x4 for off-road use. The cab range includes the variants short (MLC), long (MLL) with two roof heights as well as double cabs (MLD) for up to seven persons. There are also variants with just one entrance step (for 7.5 to 12 tonnes) or with two steps. For the power unit, the 4.5 litre four-cylinder Tector 5 and the 6.7 litre six-cylinder Tector 7 in the 118 to 235 kW (160 to 320 PS) range can be selected. In addition there are manual six-speed and nine-speed gearboxes, automated six-speed and twelve-speed gearboxes and five-speed automatics.

For the construction site: Iveco Trakker

As specialist construction-site vehicle, the Trakker covers the full spectrum from 4x2 to 8x8, including a lightweight construction version for concrete mixers. You can choose between a short day cab (“Hi-Land”) and a long cab (“Hi-Track”) with two roof heights. The gearboxes originate from the ZF, with either 16-speed manual transmission or, under the name Iveco Eurotronic, with automated 12-speed or 16-speed shift. The power unit is either the 8.7 litre six-cylinder Cursor 9 with 228 to 294 kW (310 to 400 PS) or the 12.9 litre six-cylinder Cursor 13 with 302 to 368 kW (410 to 500 PS).

At ease with long-distance travel: Iveco Stralis

The current generation of the Iveco Stralis uses the Cursor 13, including the top-of-the-range version with 412 kW (560 PS). In addition to the Cursor 9, you can also choose the Cursor 11. With Euro 6, the 11.1 litre six cylinder engine replaces the previous Cursor 10 and is available with 309, 338 or 353 kW (420, 460 or 480 PS). The range also includes the natural gas engine Cursor 8 (CNG) with 200, 221 or 243 kW (272, 300 or 330 PS).

The Stralis rolls off the production line as a two and three axle tractor unit version (4x2, 6x2, 6x4) and with a chassis in the configurations 4x2 and 6x2 with leading and trailing axles as well as 8x2. For special applications, such as in urban areas, the Allison 3200 automatic gearbox is available. Otherwise you can choose between a 16-speed manual or semi-automatic Eurotronic (both ZF). The cabs: the narrow 2,300 millimetre-wide cabs are available as a short version (“Hi-Street”) or long version (“Hi-Road”) with two roof heights. For long-distances, there is the 2,500 millimetre cab “Hi-Way”, with a high roof as standard but this is also optionally available with a normal roof height. For its current Euro 6 engines, Iveco generally relies on the maxim "SCR only". The method with no exhaust gas recirculation, which saves diesel but uses additional Adblue, is known at Iveco as HI-SCR.

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