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EUROPART spare parts suitable for Valx trailer axles

EUROPART supplies spare parts and repair kits for Valx trailer axles. The product range has spare parts for brakes, wheel bearings and air suspension systems for the Valx axle series with disc brakes or drum brakes for 19.5" or 22.5" wheels.

New European axle manufacturer

Valx is a very new company: the axle manufacturer was founded in 2008 as a subsidiary of the international metal and components wholesaler MCB, which is headquartered in Valkenswaard, the Netherlands. In 2014, the Australian company Fuwa K-Hitch Australia Ltd, a subsidiary of the Chinese axle manufacturer Fuwa, acquired all shares in Valx. After the market launch of its products in 2010, Valx has expanded the range piece by piece. The portfolio now includes various rigid 9 tonne trailer axles with disc or drum brakes as well as a steered trailing axle. The innovations include the Valx E2, an axle with recuperator, which Valx first presented at IAA 2012. For this, a generator that is connected to the axle during rolling mode, for example when braking or descending hills, generates electrical energy and transfers this to the battery storage system. Energy gained in this way enables consumers such as lighting or cooling machines to be supplied, therefore saving fuel.

The Valx product range: designed for standard applications

For its axles, Valx mainly uses components from well-known suppliers such as Fuwa, Weweler, SKF or Wabco. For this, the Valx development team analysed manufacturer and user experiences with different constructions, combined them together in new ways and optimised them. In this way, an axle system has arisen that consists of few components but should cover many applications. As a result, all the axles have the same type of shock absorbers, there is only one axle trailing arm, one support and only two different end pieces. The axle housing is unwelded and has one continuous longitudinal groove containing the screwed in axle connection. In this way the engineers wished to create a stable and secure connection which also allows a wide range of track widths, spring centres and ride heights. The axles are protected against corrosion using cathodic dip painting.

The Valx Disc trailer axle is available with 430 mm internally vented disc brakes for wheels with 22.5" diameter or with 370 mm disc brakes for 19.5" wheels. The offset for this is 120 mm. The bearing is based on two pre-adjusted tapered roller bearings with a large distance between them, which should extend the lifetime and minimise the cost of maintenance.

The Valx Drum trailer axle is fitted with drum brakes. It is also available in two sizes for 19.5" or 22.5" wheels. The offset for this is 0 mm. Two pre-adjusted tapered roller bearings are also used for this. The drum brake is fitted with induction-hardened brake shoes and forged brake carriers to increase the rigidity and stability of the brakes.

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