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EUROPART spare parts suitable for SAF trailer axles

EUROPART offers a large selection of spare parts and repair kits for the SAF trailer axle series BI9, BIL9, B9, BL9, S7, SI9, SIL9, S11, SL11, SI11, Z7, Z8, ZL8, Z9, ZL9, ZI9, ZIL9, Z11, ZL11, ZI11 and ZIL11, also for the Modul, Intradrum, Intradisc, Intradisc plus and Intradisc plus Integral series, including brakes, brake slack adjusters, axle suspensions and air suspension systems.

SAF is a brand name of the SAF-Holland Group. Founded at a village forge in Spessart as the former Otto Sauer Achsenfabrik, SAF developed over the years into one of the largest trailer axle and chassis manufacturers in Europe. In 2006, the company merged with Holland Group Inc., one of the leading American commercial vehicle suppliers, to become SAF-HOLLAND.

The SAF product range includes trailer axles with drum brakes and a 6.5 to 16 tonne axle load as well as disc-braked trailer axles with a 9 or 11 tonne axle load. The range is extended with pendulum axles and pendulum axle units for special and heavy load applications as well as air-spring and leaf-spring units. Maintenance-free wheel bearing technology, where the wheel bearing and hub as a hub unit form a compact assembly, is typical for SAF trailer axles. This is fully adjusted and encapsulated at the factory. The functional arms, which are permanently welded to the axle and therefore maintenance-free, are also a signature feature of an SAF chassis. All axles are protected against corrosion using cathodic dip painting (CDP). Zinc spraying can also be selected as an option for the inner chassis. The linings on SAF drum brakes are changed quickly and easily using just a screwdriver and a single hand movement.

Modul, Intradisc, Intradrum – the diverse trailer axle range from SAF

SAF both supplies axles with round tubes but no suspension and also complete axle units with air-spring or leaf-spring suspension. The disc-braked axles for trailers and semi-trailers are available with both conventional brake discs for 19.5" or 22.5" wheels and with the patented SAF integral discs for 19.5" or 22.5" wheels. The SAF Intra chassis range includes disc-braked trailer chassis from the series Intradisc plus Integral, Intradisc with AirVent wheel end and the Modul series. The drum-braked trailer chassis are known as Intradrum at SAF.

The SAF Modul series range offers a broad spectrum of chassis with an axle load of 7 to 14 tonnes and various combinations of axles, brakes, suspension, track width and spring carriers. SAF offers Intradisc plus Integral in the standard class of the 9 tonne trailer axle. It has a disc brake with patented, integrated disc connection to avoid hot spots and allow the disc to expand evenly when exposed to heat. SAF also supplies SAF Intradisc with a conventional disc brake. This is also available as a steering axle. The SAF chassis from the SAF Intradrum series, which is fitted with a drum brake, is recommended for off-road or challenging road conditions.

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