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EUROPART spare parts suitable for Mercedes-Benz TrailerAxleSystems trailer axles

EUROPART can supply you with a large selection of spare parts and repair kits for the DCA family of trailer axles from Mercedes-Benz TrailerAxleSystems. The ranged includes all spare parts for brakes, wheel bearings and air suspension systems for the axle series DCA Weightmaster, DCA Megamaster, DCA Steermaster, DCA Airmaster and DCA Railmaster.

An axle housing for all applications

The trailer axles in the DCA family were developed in the mid-1990s by Daimler as solely disc braked axles for trailers and semi-trailers and were manufactured and marketed under the brand name Mercedes-Benz TrailerAxleSystems. In 2015, the Jost commercial vehicle supplier took over the Mercedes-Benz trailer axles and since then has continued with development, manufacturing and sales as the company Jost Trailer Achsen Systeme.

The name of the axle family – DCA – comes from the design of the axle housing: Durable Compact Axle. The axle housing incorporates trailing arm, axle tube, brake flange and stub axle in one unit. This results in a compact and light axle housing. This forms the basis for all models in the DCA axle family. The wheel end, which is derived from the wheel end used in the Mercedes-Benz Actros, is also common to all DCA trailer axles. DCA trailer axles are fitted with a maintenance-free compact bearing. Axles in the DCA family can be adapted to the particular area of application using standard, weight-optimised or application-specific tailends.

The DCA family: Weightmaster, Megamaster, Airmaster, Railmaster, Steermaster

The DCA Weightmaster forms the basis for the entire axle family. It was developed for use in European goods transport and is characterised in particular by its low weight and the advantage of having fewer components due to the axle shape and the maintenance-free compact bearing. With its a modular design, it is suitable for many applications from curtainside semi-trailers and tippers to silo trucks. The DCA Weightmaster is available for wheels with a diameter of 19.5" or 22.5".

The DCA Megamaster was developed for semi-trailers with an inside height of three metres. Alongside the tried and tested components of the DCA family, it has a special air spring axle suspension, which allows a low driving height but also a very large lift and megatrailers can therefore be loaded and unloaded at high ramps. With the DCA Airmaster, Jost Trailer Achsen Systeme offers the world's only axle where the axle housing stores the compressed air for the braking system and air suspension. The DCA Airmaster therefore replaces conventional compressed air tanks on trailers or semi-trailers, thereby reducing the unladen weight and also creating space under the trailer.

The DCA Railmaster is optimised for use in intermodal transportation. In order to prevent damage when a semi-trailer is lifted by crane and set down, the air bellows of the DCA Railmaster consists of two interlocking components that can be separated when lifting or driving without air. The DCA Steermaster steering axle is supplied for applications with frequent shunting or turns, such as deliveries regionally or within cities. Its steering angle is up to 16 degrees. This helps the vehicle to not only negotiate tight turns but the steering axle also reduces the tyre wear and fuel consumption of the truck.

Depending on the type of brakes and wheel size, the DCA family axles are named TE4/8, TE5/8, TZ4/8, TZ5/8 or – as a steering axle – TL4/8 or TL5/8.

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