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EUROPART spare parts suitable for Gigant trailer axles

Gigant is the trailer-axle trade name for the medium-sized manufacturer Trenkamp & Gehle. EUROPART supplies spare parts for Gigant drum and disc braked axles, brakes, brake slack adjusters, axle suspensions and air suspension systems.

A family company within a large group of companies

Gigant was founded in 1953 as a manufacturer of spring units and has since developed into a Europe-wide manufacturer of trailer axles as well as special axles for heavy-load trucks and low-loaders. The company is headquartered in Dinklage, Lower Saxony. Since 2013, Gigant has been owned by the Krone Group and also makes Krone axles, amongst other things. The product range extends from light axles with axle loads of 5.5 tonnes to heavy load and flatbed axles with axle loads of 12 tonnes. For standard semi-trailers Gigant offers the particularly lightweight and low-maintenance Euro-axle with disc or drum brakes. Gigant’s trailer axles are characterised by the wheel bearing design with a maintenance-free compact bearing and drum or disc in front of the hub. This allows the removal and replacement of the brake disc or brake drum, without having to dismantle the wheel bearing. This prevents incorrect settings at the wheel bearing. Gigant’s drum-braked axles are also fitted with the service-friendly Protec drum brake which allows for a quick brake lining replacement without the need for any special tools. The eccentric bushing that Gigant has patented allows for easy setting of the track and is also a trademark for Gigant trailer axles.

Trailer axles for large and small

Gigant’s wide axle range includes drum or disc braked axles with an axle load of 5.5 tonnes for light single axle or tandem trailers as well as standard 9 tonne trailer axles, steering axles and self-steering axles or pendulum axles for low-loaders and stub shafts for independent suspension systems. To this end, Gigant manufactures appropriate units with air suspension or as mechanical units with leaf spring suspension.

For light trailers Gigant offers trailer axles from the GKH2 series with drum brakes and from the DKH2 series with disc brakes. The light Gigant axles are available with both air suspension units as well as with mechanical suspension units. At Gigant, the standard trailer axle with a 9-tonne axle load for rims with a 120 millimetre rim offset is named EuroAchse and the series label is DOKH2. The manufacturer offers this for the wheel sizes 19.5" and 22.5" with different track widths.

In addition, the range includes a broad spectrum of low-loaders and heavy load axles. You can choose whether to have these fitted with drum or disc brakes. The Gigant GKH2 3020 low-loader axle is suitable for all heavy load and low loader applications where no steering is necessary. It is designed for tyre sizes from 15" to 19.5". The GNKH2 3020 is a self-steered axle which allows for a steering angle of up to 25 degrees. It has a stabilisation bellows which enables optimal steering with minimal resistances according to the load. The GZK2 3020 is a forced steering low-loader axle which can be adapted to all standard steering systems. The GOKPS 3015 walking beam axle completes the Gigant low-loader axle range. They are used in hydraulically steered low loaders in the heavy load sector with multiple axle lines.

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