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EUROPART pare parts suitable for BPW axles and brakes

BPW trailer axles are in use worldwide. Across Europe they are among the top-selling trailer axles. EUROPART can supply you with original spare parts for BPW trailer axles for the series ECO Drum, ECO Disc, ECO Plus and ECO Plus 2 with drum or disc brakes as well as for self-steering axles or the new BPW axle system ECO Air Compact. In addition to individual spare parts, EUROPART also offers repair kits, brake calipers and specialist tools for BPW brakes.

A traditional company and a global player

Worldwide, BPW is one of the leading manufacturers of chassis systems for trailers and truck trailers. For trailer chassis, the offered range extends from axles, suspension and brakes to telematics applications. Founded in Wiehl in 1898, the company currently employs 5,500 people worldwide and generates a sales turnover of more than a billion euros. BPW has more than ten production sites in Europe, China, South Africa and Australia. BPW markets its axles, brakes and chassis systems across the world by means of more than 50 trading companies.

Axles, brakes and suspension systems – everything that makes a trailer chassis

BPW's axle range comprises rigid axles as well as self-steering axles, forced-steering axles, pendulum axles for heavy load applications and special axles e.g. for inloaders or car transporters. For rigid axles, the range extends from the 5.5 tonne axles for light trailers to 12 tonne axles for use in semi-trailers or multi-axle trailers. All BPW axles are coated in a cathodic dip painting procedure to protect them from corrosion. A special feature of the new BPW 9 tonne trailer axles with disc brakes is BPW’s ECO Plus wheel bearing technology with a maintenance-free, closed bearing system, for which the wheel bearing play is adjusted automatically via a central screw system with an integrated torque limiter. A grease cartridge is used for lubrication. The latest version, ECO Plus 3, has been available on the market since 2015. With the ECO Drum and ECO Plus systems, BPW has developed its own drum and brake disc systems that will guarantee a simple brake service and, thanks to the closed bearing, a longer service life. In addition to air suspension, which is common in Europe and which BPW offers under the name Airlight, BPW also offers mechanical suspension with leaf springs for especially robust and heavy duty applications. The maintenance-free ECO Air COMPACT is the latest development in BPW’s air-sprung axle suspensions. It is based on a two-piece cast guide rod that is bolted together diagonally. Combined with the four support points, this will ensure an optimal flow of power.

Drum and disc-braked trailer axles with an axle load from 5.5 tonnes to 20 tonnes.

The light series of NR and SNR axles has an axle load of 5.5 tonnes. It is available with or without air suspension and with drum or disc brakes. Single tyre versions and dual tyre versions are both equally available. NR axles are available for wheel sizes from 15" to 19.5", the disc-braked SNR axles are available for wheels 17.5" and 19.5" in size.

BPW's trailer axles with drum brakes come under the series labels NH, KH and H. They are available for wheel sizes from 17.5", 19,5", 20", 22.5" or 24" and with axle loads from 6.5 tonnes to 20 tonnes. Drum-braked axles are used in particular for construction site trailers or for rough operations under difficult road conditions, especially outside central Europe. At BPW these axles are fitted with the ECO drum brake. The closed construction will ensure a long service life and at the same time allows for a quick and easy brake change.

In western and central Europe, disc-braked trailer axles are now standard. At BPW these have the series labels SK and SH and they are suitable for axle loads from 9.0 to 12.0 tonnes. They are available for wheel sizes of 19.5" or 22.5". BPW trailer axles with disc brakes are fitted with the ECO Disc braking system that allows for lower deadweights, a longer service life and easy servicing.

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