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EUROPART spare parts suitable for Van Hool buses

EUROPART can supply you quickly and reliably with wearing parts and spare parts for the maintenance and repair of your Van Hool bus. Our product range covers all current and older Van Hool models from series T and A , such as the Acron, Alicron, Astron, Astronef, Altano, Astromega or AGG300. All areas of the vehicle are covered, whether it's for the chassis, engine, braking systems, lighting, electrics or vehicle equipment.

Van Hool: completely individual and successful in the niche

Van Hool is one of the last traditional family companies in the bus industry. The Belgian company continues to be successful with their niche products. Most recently the company created ExquiCity, a type of tram-bus which combines the comfort of a tram with the flexibility and comparatively low costs of a city bus. However, in addition to the high-quality tour coaches, buses are also in high demand from the business segment. To meet this demand, Van Hool has opened a new factory in Macedonia for the production of complete buses. A major contract from the US and the growing demand for buses in the business segment led to this step. In addition to buses, Van Hool also has a name for the construction of trailers, tank containers and chassis.

Success from the start

At the end of the 1970s, Van Hool laid the foundations for a model of success: more than 500 Alizees were sold in the first year alone. Nowadays, the roots can be found again in Acron: the coach with a lowered driver's seat and big panorama front windscreen is the most successful model from the Belgian bus manufacturer to date. Today the coach range offers various lengths and body heights. Three model ranges are currently produced: the TX series starts with the 3.47 m high Alicron, which is also available in three different lengths. At 10.25 m long, the TX11 is the smallest vehicle, offering seats for 37 passengers as a 3-star coach. The engine used by the Belgian company is the DAF MX 11 with 271 kW / 369 PS.

The public service vehicle offering reaches from S to XXL.

Van Hool offers a whole range of city buses and coaches. The Van Hool low-floor bus series ranges from an 8.6 m long midi-bus to a 24.78 m long bi-articulated bus. This public service vehicle called the AGG 300 is powered by a DAF PR with 265 kW / 360 PS. Van Hool also uses natural gas engines alongside diesel engines that meet the Euro 6 emission standard. Alternatively, the public service vehicles also come as trolley buses, electric buses and hybrid buses. For a few years now, Van Hool has even been making fuel cell buses. Bus Rapid Transit or BRT vehicles complete the extensive range of public service vehicles.

From midi to maxi, everything for the journey

The Acron is 3.60 m high and offers far more luggage room than the Alicron. It is available in three different lengths ranging between 13.20 m and 14.96 m. For the engine, the customer can choose between the DAF MX 11 with 340 kW / 460 PS, the MX 13 with 340 kW / 460 PS or the 375 kW / 510 PS depending on the vehicle. Even higher is the Astron, which is available as the super high-decker with a length of 13.20 m or 14.04 m. The luggage hold can take 18 cubic metres of luggage and has a sleeping cabin for the driver. The Astronef has a theatre seating arrangement with an ascending floor and also comes in three lengths (12.2 m, 13.2 m and 14.04 m). The Altano has an underfloor cockpit and long front overhang, making the coach relatively easy to access, even for people with impaired mobility. The three-axle coach is available in lengths of 13.20 m, 14.04 m or 15 m.

The crowning finish: the double-decker

It is also a double-decker which completes the coach range of Van Hool and takes it to a higher level. The Belgian company makes the Astromega with a length of 13.14 m and 14.10 m. There are seats for a maximum of 89 passengers on the upper and lower decks, also a maximum space of 7.2 cubic metres for luggage. For the engine, Van Hool uses the DAF MX 11 with 340 kW / 460 PS or 375 kW / 510 PS.

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