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EUROPART spare parts suitable for Solaris buses

EUROPART can quickly and reliably supply wearing parts and spare parts for the maintenance and repair of all current and older Solaris buses, in particular for the various models of the Solaris Urbino series. Our range covers all areas of the vehicle: electrical systems, vehicle equipment, braking systems, chassis, engines and lighting.

Solaris: More than 1,000 public service vehicles per year

The Polish manufacturer has supplied more than 12,000 buses to customers in 29 countries since it was founded 19 years ago. Now the annual production is regularly more than 1,000 buses. Solaris has specialised in modern city and intercity buses with its Urbino and Interurbino series. Although the coach called Vacanza is no longer part of the range, the range of diesel-electric hybrid buses is growing just as much as that of the trolleybus and electric bus. Individualised bodywork, such as the Urbino MetroStyle, is always very well received.

Complete selection: The Solaris Urbino

The low-floor public service vehicle called Urbino was first introduced in 1999. After Poland, Germany is the largest market for the Polish manufacturer. Every fifth Urbino is on the road for a German customer. The range has no gaps: the Solaris Alpino measures just 8.6m long and 2.4m wide. The smallest Urbino is also the Polish firm's narrowest low-floor bus. As the name suggests, the vehicle was designed for winding roads in the mountains as well as for the narrow streets in older parts of towns. The Solaris Alpino has since also proved to be successful in the congested centres of large urban areas. The Urbino 10 is the starting point for the Urbino series, with an asymmetric windshield to give it a unique visual characteristic. This asymmetric windshield provides a clear view of the pavement next to the bus on the 9.94m long Urbino as well. The Solaris Urbino is available in the lengths 12 m, 12.9 m, 14.59 m, 18 m and 18.75 m. Cummins engine units are used (ISB6.7E6 250B or 280B with 187 kW / 254 PS or 209 kW / 284 PS) or DAF (MX11 210, 240, 271 with 210 kW / 286 PS up to 271 kW / 369 PS. Voith Diwa 6 or ZF Ecolife gearboxes are used.

Urbino series low-level buses

The Solaris Urbino LE combines the benefits of low-floor buses with those of high-floor buses. Step-free access at the front and in the middle of the vehicle ensure easy passenger changes, while the raised floor in the rear sections means all seats can be positioned in the direction of travel. This combination makes it possible for the Solaris Urbino Low Entry buses to be used not just in city traffic, but as intercity buses too.
As well as the classic type at almost 10m long, the Solaris Urbino is also available as low-entry buses at 12 m and 15 m long.

Going intercity: The Solaris InterUrbino

The Solaris InterUrbino was designed for use as an intercity public service vehicle as well as a school bus. However, its 6.2 cubic metre luggage hold means it is also ideal for shorter trips or excursion traffic. The Solaris InterUrbino is available in 12 m or 12.8 m lengths. In terms of the drivetrain, operators can choose the engine as well as the gearbox; both units by Cummins ISB6 7E6 310 (231 kW / 314 PS) or by DAF MX11 271 (271 kW / 369 PS) are available.

Alternative drive concepts

Nowadays Solaris Urbino hybrid buses can be found in many places. The vehicles, which are powered by a combination of an internal combustion engine and an electric motor, are manufactured for transport companies all over Europe. According to the manufacturer's data, this combination of internal combustion engine and electric motor means that the fuel consumption of the 12 m long Urbino 12 hybrid is reduced by up to 30 percent. Solaris also offers a hybrid version of the Urbino 18. The Polish supplier's trolleybuses are also on the ball: the low-floor trolleybus Trollino is available in 12, 15 and 18 metre versions. The electrical drive technology is customised according to the customer's specifications and is from Skoda, Vossloh-Kiepe, Medcom or Cegelec.

Exciting: electromobility

Calmly and quietly, the Polish bus manufacturer has also conquered the electromobility market: the first Solaris with electric drive was built as a 8.9 metre long low-entry bus, based on the Solaris Alpino. The 12-metre long, completely low-floor model was made in the style of the Urbino 12. Solaris also has Urbino electric articulated buses at 18 m and 18.75 m long in its range.

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