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EUROPART spare parts suitable for Setra buses

Whether you need an engine, braking system, chassis, vehicle equipment or electrical system, EUROPART can supply you quickly and reliably with wearing parts and spare parts for the maintenance and repair of your Setra bus. Our product range includes spare parts for buses in the older Setra 200, 300 and 400 series as well as the current models of the Multi-Class 500, Comfort-Class 500 and Top-Class 500 series.

Setra: The premium brand

The long-established Setra brand, at one time introduced by Kässbohrer in Ulm as the model name for its buses with a self-supporting body, has been a brand belonging to Daimler AG since 1995, associated with EvoBus GmbH, the 100% subsidiary of Daimler Buses. The vehicles coming from the plant in Neu-Ulm are also readily known as the S-class among coaches. Most notably, the TopClass lays claim to the high-end segment with regard to comfort and technology. To continue meeting the expectations of a premium product, Setra has updated its product portfolio over the last few years and is one of the first providers to have adjusted to the new exhaust emission standards in accordance with Euro 6, even before it became obligatory. The current range from the brand Setra is split into the MultiClass, the ComfortClass and TopClass.

For all situations: the Setra MultiClass

Whether it's travelling across country or over a weekend, the MultiClass series combines public service transport with short trips away. Setra offers this series as the classic UL model as well as the H model with a larger luggage hold. There are also the optimised 'business models' which are offered by tender and are rigorously equipped to ensure cost-effective regular service. The new UL business is produced in the Turkish Daimler plant. The overall design is optimised for intercity public service transport. The UL business is available in two lengths (12.33 m and 13.04 m), each with two axles. The vehicle is powered by a Mercedes-Benz OM 936 6 cylinder in-line engine in accordance with the Euro 6 standard. The series has 220 kW / 299 PS, though 260 kW / 353 PS is also an option.

Versatile when travelling: the Setra ComfortClass 500

Right from the start, their model diversity was down to the specific advantages of the ComfortClass 500. The ComfortClass 500 begins with the compact 10.46m long S 511 HD, then there is the S 515 HD at 12.29m and the S 516 HD at 13.11m (option of two or three axles) and the 13.93m long three-axle S 517 HD, stretching to the 14.94m long three-axle vehicle called S 519 HD. The 13.12m long high-decker S 516 HD/2 offers a slightly higher useful load in comparison with the Euro 5 version, despite its Euro 6 conformity and increased structural rigidity. This makes this ComfortClass model with two axles the most economical coach of the 13 metre models. The ComfortClass is powered by a Mercedes-Benz OM 470 engine of 313 kW / 428 PS in accordance with the Euro 6 standard.

The Setra middle decker, called Setra MD for short, is also part of the ComfortClass 500 series. Its low vehicle height ensures fuel economy with a high useful load. Different door arrangements ensure individual space designs. In addition, Setra offers a variety of seating and equipment options. The Setra MD comes as the S 515 MD at 12.29m and the Setra S 516 MD at 13.11m long, forming the entry level for the ComfortClass 500 series.

Aiming high: the Setra TopClass

As a super high-decker, the Setra TopClass 500 covers the premium sector and has held this position almost exclusively ever since the end of the Neoplan Starliner. Setra wants TopClass to meet the most stringent requirements and to leave no customer needs unfulfilled. In many respects, the TopClass 500 is setting new standards for travelling by coach. Setra offers the TopClass 500 as the three-axle S 515 HDH at 12.49m long. This means that, thanks to the high useful load, there is plenty of flexibility where equipment is concerned. The 13.32 m long S 516 HDH is classed is the happy medium, with four or five seats more than the S 515 HDH, the luggage hold is more than sufficient. At 14.16m long, there is the S 517 HDH, which due to its length has the largest luggage hold of the TopClass models. With up to 59 seats, it counts as one of the specialist long-distance coaches. Its turning circle of just over 23 m makes the S 517 HDH much more manoeuvrable than many shorter competitors.

Setra also uses a Mercedes-Benz unit to power the vehicle; the TopClass has an OM 471 with 350 kW / 475 PS or 375 kW / 509 PS, in accordance with the Euro 6 standard.

Double-decker renaissance: the Setra S 431 DT

The double-decker, which has been the crowning glory of the Setra brand since 1981, is currently experiencing a renaissance. Many long-distance travel providers appreciate the capacity of the 13.89m long double-decker. The double-decker currently being manufactured is already on the road with the Euro 6 engine; the 6 cylinder in-line Mercedes-Benz unit delivering 375 kW / 509 PS is installed at the rear end. The Setra double-decker coach not only offer two levels that are passenger-friendly, it provides up to 87 seats in a fully classifiable, three star layout including toilet.

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