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EUROPART spare parts suitable for Iveco buses

EUROPART can supply you quickly and reliably with wearing parts and spare parts for the maintenance and repair of your Iveco bus. Our product range covers all current and older Iveco models in the Daily, Urbanway, Crossway and Magelys series. Also for the Arès, Arway, Axer and Citelis buses offered previously under the Irisbus name. Spare parts for Domino, Eurorider, Evady, Illiade and Récréo are also available from EUROPART. All vehicle areas are included, from chassis, engine and braking systems to lighting, electrical systems and vehicle equipment.

Iveco Bus: internationally connected

The current bus manufacturer Iveco Bus was known under the brand Irisbus until 2013 and is a 100 percent subsidiary of Iveco. The brand originally based itself on the bus activities of the French brands Berliet, Chausson, Renault and Saviem as well as the Italian brands Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia and Orlandi, the German brand Magirus-Deutz and the Spanish bus manufacturer Pegaso. Iveco Bus has production sites and plants in France, Italy, Spain and the Czech Republic. The factory in the Czech town Vysoké Mýto, which has been manufacturing buses for the brand Karosa for many years, celebrated its 120-year anniversary in 2015. The plant produces around 3,000 buses per year. Iveco Bus manufactures more than half of all its buses there, primarily the Crossway model.

Minibuses based on the Iveco Daily

One of the best sellers in the Iveco Bus portfolio is the Daily Minibus, which has been frequently modernised and improved over the years. There are three series of the Iveco Bus minibuses: The Daily Tourys is a compact touring coach for longer journeys, the Daily Line is for intercity routes and the Daily City is designed for transport within small urban and suburban areas. The wheelbases of the minibuses range from 3.52 to 4.1 m, the length from 5.95 to 7.51 m. The number of seats differs accordingly: they seat from 16 up to 22 passengers. A 4-cylinder in-line engine of 107 kW/146 PS or 125 kW/170 PS is used.

Public service vehicles with an individual design

The current public service vehicle from Iveco Bus goes by the name Urbanway. It can be chosen as either a rigid bus or an articulated bus and is available with a transverse engine or an engine unit installed lengthways. Lengths start at 10.46 m and go beyond 12 m up to 17.91m. Iveco uses the Tector 7 210 kW/285 PS engine in the compact Urbanway, for vehicles 12m long it uses either the Tector 7 or Tector 9 engine with 228 kW/310 PS or 265 kW/360 PS The articulated bus is propelled by a Cursor 9 265 kW/360 PS or 294 kW/400 PS engine. Seating capacities range from 24 to 28 seats in the compact Urbanway with two doors, the 12m rigid bus with 27 to 37 seats and the articulated bus with 35 to 49 seats with a three-door layout. Iveco Bus offers individual solutions for BRT systems, such as the Crealis.

Successful model: the Crossway

The Iveco Bus Crossway is a bus for intercity and suburban routes. It comes in three lengths: 10.75m, 12.09m and 12.96m. Seating capacity ranges from 47 to 59 seats. The operator can also choose the equipment: the Crossway "Line" version is intended for passenger transport over short and medium distances. The Crossway "Pro" version is somewhere between regional public transport and light tourist travel. Iveco Bus offers two low entry versions of the Crossway, one for intercity routes with a single-width door at the front, the other a city bus with a double-width door at the front. Here too there are also three notable variations in the length of the basic model. The options available are the Cursor 9 with 265 kW/360 PS engine or the Tector 7 235 kW/320 PS.

Travelling specialist: Magelys Pro

The Iveco Bus Magelys Pro is in the class of premium coaches and offers exceptional characteristics, such as the side windows reaching up into the roof, as well as all kinds of safety and comfort features. There are two lengths available for the high-deck coach model with a Cursor 9 294 kW/400 PS engine, 12.2m or 12.8m.

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