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First-aid case

Metalworking Special

order number: 9534 889 132

Application range
especially for foundries, steel and sheet steel processing, aluminium plants, turning shops, locksmith's shops, welding technology, plumber's shops and other metal-related industries

Product Text
Additional equipment for special professional risks associated with metal working, with wall bracket, reinforced carrying handle and rotary catches, can be lead-sealed

Scope of supply
Basic contents DIN 13 157 with additional contents: for example, ocular NIT® immediate eye rinse, cooling spray, cold compress, splinter tweezers, WS bandages, increased number of aluderm/aluplast plasters, special compression bandage pack, aluderm metallised special bandages

Product Details

  • Height 150 mm
  • Length 400 mm
  • Material impact-proof ABS plastic
  • Width 300 mm