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EUROPART – New entries in our private brand product range

• Disc brake pads with "Green Coating" for the first time
• New issue of the brake competence brochure out now
• New, maintenance-free lead-calcium-tin battery with increased working life


EUROPART has broadened its EUROPART Premium Parts private brand range with a number of new products, introducing for the first time disc brake pads that feature the so-called Green Coating. "Green Coating is a special coating which is applied to the substrate and serves to drastically shorten the running-in time of the brake, hence offering a stable friction coefficient right from the first braking cycle", explained EUROPART divisional head International Sourcing, Oliver Hirzmann, continuing that  "the coating gives the pad an abrasive surface texture which sets the required friction coefficient and
speeds up the running-in of the friction partners, the pad and disc. This in turn helps to
optimise the contact pattern of the brake pad." The high-end material mix of the multi-composite friction pad, the high-accuracy back plate and, last but not least, the automated production cycle all meet the high standards of all EUROPART brake pads. EUROPART's Green Coating brake pads can be identified by the crescent-shaped stripes on the friction pad.

EUROPART's new Green Coating brake pads, alongside hundreds of additional brake products, can be found in our new "brake" competence brochure, available now from all EUROPART branches or by calling our hotline on 0180 22 55 330, all free of charge. Plenty of practical tips and repair instructions round out the extensive product information assembled within the 68 pages of the competence brochure.

But there is even more, as the new brake shoes for drum brakes for truck and trailer axles, too, have been introduced into the EUROPART Premium Parts programme. Our current range of products covers all the most common brake systems. As is the case with all EUROPART private brand items, our brake shoes are manufactured to the strictest automotive standards. Automated production processes, high-quality materials and constant quality control are in place to make sure that the component specifications are complied with, down to the minutest detail, to original equipment manufacturer levels. The wear-resistant, heat-treated brake shoe bearings and roller bearings, together with reliable corrosion proofing, afford a long service life.

Another engineering highlight in our EUROPART Premium Part range of products is the maintenance-free Enhanced-Flood-Battery technology (EFB) designed for use with starter batteries. EUROPART offers this technology as an exclusive private brand in the 225Ah and 180Ah model.

Custom-designed for utility vehicles, the batteries stand out by lastingly high performance, outstanding cycle stability, and high vibration resistance, which makes them suitable for rear installation. The layout of the battery ensures that the electrolyte used is perfectly mixed. The reliable spill protection helps minimise the water consumption. The integrated backfire protection affords a maximum of safety against external sparks. The high-precision, die-cut grills set into the plate groups of the EFB battery boast a new, streamlined design, resulting in consistently high starting power and prolonged service life. What is more, the special alloy used in these grills reduces vulnerability to corrosion and minimises self-discharge. The EUROPART EFB battery is also eco-friendly: The raw materials used are almost fully recyclable.

EUROPART recommends EFB batteries, due to their continuously high output, for vehicles requiring a lot of energy without engine-independent air conditioning systems, or as an efficient replacement system for hybrid and antimony batteries. In particular, they are great for entertaining simple "hotel" functions, i.e. where high-capacity electrical comfort equipment such as coffee machines or TV sets, are in regular operation when the engine is off.

New entries in our private brand product range
EUROPART Brake lining
EUROPART Brake shoe
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