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EUROPART releases new own-brand catalogue "Premium Parts"

• Selected articles for trucks, trailers, buses and workshops
• EUROPART Premium Parts now come with three-year manufacturer's warranty
• Brake pads with "Green Coat" special coating
• Electric cables and improved anti-slip mats new in the program

Sep 1, 2021

Hagen, Europe's leading trading company for commercial vehicle parts and workshop supplies is writing a success story with its own EUROPART Premium Parts brand. The product range already includes more than 7,500 items, with which EUROPART offers a low-cost alternative to original spare parts in OEM quality. All products are tested according to international standards. EUROPART is now releasing its completely revised, updated and expanded EUROPART Premium Parts catalogue.  On 228 pages, the company showcases selected quality products for trucks, buses, trailers, vans and workshop equipment. The diverse product assortment ranges from axle and steering parts, parts for suspension, damping, as well as for the brake and compressed air system, to parts for the engine, engine mounting and drive, vehicle components, vehicle equipment, lighting and electrics, and workshop equipment, tool technology, occupational safety, chemistry and fastening technology.  The clear structure in 13 chapters makes it easy for readers to find the products they are looking for.

In addition to the pure product presentation, the catalogue also features explanations on the selection, production and quality testing of individual EUROPART Premium Parts products, as well as assistance in selecting the right alternative for the original part and customer testimonials from BFS Business Fleet Services, Reinert Logistic, Gartner and Schwertransporte Josef Esser. The wealth of additional information makes the current EUROPART "Premium Parts" catalogue not only an important buyers' guide, but also a reference work for daily workshop practice.


Three-year manufacturer's warranty on EUROPART Premium Parts

Europart takes a two-pronged approach to checking the quality of its own-brand products. The products are subjected to strict quality control with the help of testing and measuring equipment in our own laboratory, but EUROPART also relies on the services of independent external organizations. The result is impressive: Not only is the high quality level of the parts confirmed millions of times over in rugged daily use, but it is also confirmed by an extremely low complaint rate of 0.01%. In addition, numerous products have been used successfully for years in truck racing and truck trial sports, where, for example, the brakes, but also steering parts have to withstand the most rigorous stresses. EUROPART is fully convinced of the quality of its own-brand products, so much so that the company recently began offering a three-year warranty on all parts under its own EUROPART Premium Parts brand. With this step, EUROPART is going far beyond what is required by law in terms of warranty.


Brake pads with special coating

One example of the high quality and additional customer benefits of EUROPART Premium Parts are the brake pads with "Green Coat" special coating. The silicates applied to the pad surface significantly reduce the braking phase on new brake pads. "Green Coating" provides an abrasive surface structure that establishes frictional contact with the brake disc. Abrasion occurs directly from the first braking action, due to the intended short service life, which guarantees an optimised and constant coefficient of friction in the interaction of the friction partners brake pad and brake disc. This technology also accelerates the grinding of the friction components into one another, thereby promoting an optimum brake pad contact pattern.


New products in the Premium Parts assortment

EUROPART routinely adds new products and product segments to its Premium Parts product range. This particularly includes frequently requested wear parts and consumables. The new products in the newly published catalogue include, for instant, single-core and multi-core PVC automotive cables with different cross-sections and core colors by the meter. All cables comply with the DIN ISO 6722-1 standard. Thanks to the wide-ranging program, the right cables are now available as EUROPART Premium Parts for all common applications. EUROPART has also added anti-slip mats for load securing to its product range in an optimized quality. These are available in thicknesses from three to ten millimetres with coefficients of friction of 0.65 and greater than 0.7 µ and also as pieces or rolls. Besides these new products, the expansion of the Premium Parts product range will also continue, as customers can see from the numerous references in the new EUROPART Premium Parts catalogue. For instance, EUROPART has announced the market launch of combination rear lamps, control elements for tail lifts, contour markings as well as ADR hazardous goods panels and A panels for waste disposal transports for this year.


EUROPART oils with manufacturer approval

A core chapter in the new EUROPART "Premium Parts" catalogue is devoted to engine, transmission and hydraulic oils which EUROPART offers with manufacturer approval, for example from MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Renault Trucks, Scania or Volvo. The oils feature low oil consumption, good protection against oil deposits on the piston as well as high oxidation resistance and are thus suitable for longer oil change intervals. The fuel-efficient engine oil "Truck-Premium MAXX SAE 5W-30", for example, offers high-quality protective properties for the new low-emission Euro 6 engines. However, this oil, which is manufactured in Germany, can also be used in older vehicles and is suitable for both trucks and buses. A clear table provides a list of the oils of the EUROPART own brand with the respective manufacturer's approvals.

The 228-page EUROPART "Premium Parts" catalogue is now available from all EUROPART branches EUROPART branches and can also be downloaded online at




EUROPART Premium Parts Catalogue
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