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Truck Race Budapest 2018

Ungarn, 19.06.2018

Sponsoring Team Reinert Racing - FIA European Truck Racing Championship - René Reinert reports back with first place in the truck race

Last weekend the second race of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship took place in Budapest. It was a successful weekend for our sponsored team Reinert Racing.
After a time penalty due to speeding, in the first race of the weekend René Reinert had to make do with sixth place rather than fourth.
As early as in the second race, René Reinert then stood on the podium for the first time again after his one year break. He made second place in the driver score and, together with his teammate from Reinert Adventure, Sascha Lenz, he secured first place.
The driver with the number 77, René Reinert, finished in seventh place in the third race.
The team from Reinert Racing celebrated the successful conclusion of the racing weekend in Budapest in the last race in first place, in the driver score as well as in the team score.
In overall scoring, René Reinert therefore moves up to  sixth place.
At the next race at the Nuerburgring, planned for  29.06. – 01.07. we look forward to exciting races and receiving a lot of visitors to our exhibitor tent.

Results from the racing weekend

Driver Results

Team Results

Impressions from the racing weekend: