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EUROPART and ExxonMobil are working together

Hagen, 26.10.2015

EUROPART and the oil and gas corporation ExxonMobil have agreed to cooperate closely in oils and lubricants for commercial vehicles. EUROPART will therefore from now on add the specially developed high performance oils and lubricants of brand Mobil Delvac for use in commercial vehicles to the product range – first for the German market, and later also for other European markets.

Ralf Maurer, Commercial Director at EUROPART: "I am delighted that we were able to win ExxonMobil as one of the world’s leading oil manufacturer with more than 149 years experience as a cooperation partner. With the brand Mobil Delvac we can offer our customers high-performance oils for trucks, buses and vans, with proven products that reduce fuel consumption and thus contribute to increasing efficiency and sustainability in the fleets. With Mobil Delvac we continue our successful strategy to offer our customers a wide range of branded products, now also in the product range of oils and lubricants.

For ExxonMobil, the cooperation with EUROPART will be an important step in the expansion of their European market position, as Kai-Uwe Decker, European Lubes Sales Manager Automotive at ExxonMobil explains. "As one of the world's leading manufacturer of synthetic lubricants we already work closely in engine development with many car manufacturers. The cooperation with EUROPART offers us the opportunity to better reach the European commercial vehicle fleets in the aftermarket. The customers in the transport industry can thus take advantage of the Mobil Delvac technology over the entire service life of their vehicles: fuel economy, longer oil change intervals and thus lower operating costs."

Mobil Delvac is the lubricant brand, which was developed specifically for commercial vehicles. Flagship product is the high-performance motor oil Mobil Delvac 1 LE 5W-30, which is suitable for Euro 6 engines and is in world-wide use under the toughest conditions. In addition to motor oils, no mobile gear and hydraulic oils and other Mobil lubricants are also available in EUROPART’s product range.

High-performance lubricants are a major factor in improving energy and material efficiency in commercial vehicles. Independent tests in the testing center Milbrook in Britain have shown that a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 2.9 percent*) in the engine, transmission and rear axle can be achieved with the use of Mobil synthetic oils. At 120,000 km annual mileage and assumed consumption of 35 liters per 100 kilometers savings that can be as high as 1,000 Euros per vehicle per year.

* Basis for calculation: Diesel price 1.00 Euro / liter (excl.VAT). The fuel savings can vary depending on vehicle type, use and operating conditions as well as the respective liquid viscosities.


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